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Huong Giang “transgender” became a man not surprised like a copy of Tran Thanh

Thursday, 10 March 2022 00:21 (GMT+7)

The following beautiful Vietnamese women put on wigs and makeup to pretend to be a boy on screen, to match the character’s image.

Huong Giang

In the beauty lies, Huong Giang surprised the audience when he played the role of a man. The queen cut her hair short and wore a corset during filming. Every day on set, Huong Giang is meticulously adjusted by makeup artist Brad Greenwood in every detail like eyebrows, beard, … for 4 hours to look the most manly and authentic.

Huong Giang

Huong Giang has been attracting attention since joining Vietnam Idol 2012 when it made it into the top 4. After that, he was active in music, participated in awesome racethen register Miss International Transgender 2018. The Next Gentleman – Tuan Hoan My now is the current hot reality show that marks Huong Giang’s return after a period of absence from Vietnamese showbiz as producer and coach.

Huong Giang

Recently, fans were shocked by a series of photos that the queen revealed of a new villa in the middle of a rich neighborhood in Ho Chi Minh City. The singer-songwriter also bought a $4 billion car alone during her artistic pursuits. In particular, it should be mentioned that the 2020 Porsche Cayenne in a very luxurious metallic brown costs almost 5 billion VND.

In addition to box trucks, Huong Giang also owns many blocks of real estate. According to Tran Thanh revealed about the sound Where are you: “Money is available, land in Long Thanh a lot, 2-3 diamonds, people are always branded, smart, deep”.

Huong Giang

About private life, after dating game show Who is that, Huong Giang and Matt Liu are openly dating in real life. The couple often posts photos of outings together and exchanges sweet words with each other.

Minh Hang

In the Walk and crycharacter from Minh Hang Even though he was born a girl, he had to pretend to be a boy to live with his grandmother. In addition to having short hair and practicing acting like a boy, Minh Hang also has to tie his chest every time he goes to the set. During filming, he also had to do menial jobs such as: shoveling sand, riding a tricycle, making roofs… made his whole body ache.

Huong Giang

Recently, Minh Hang played the role of Quynh Lam in sweet trap, This is the most daring actress role ever. Since accepting the role of Quynh Lam, Minh Hang has become sexy in real life. He called it living the character’s life for a while.

Huong Giang

Minh Hang has been famous in the entertainment industry since the age of 16. At the age of 35, he became a famous giant in the world of showbiz. The million dollar house located in District 2 is the actress’ most prominent property. Minh Hang also has many luxury cars on hand. He often traveled in luxury everywhere, enjoying an expensive standard of living.

Minh Hang shared: “Rich in my own opinion is true. I can do what I want and not work too hard on a load of food and money. I became independent early so I understand the value of hard work, I am satisfied. what I have.”

Huong Giang

Minh Hang is also a closed person in love affairs. Talking about his favorite girlfriend, Minh Hang admitted: “I don’t sit still. If a guy wants his girl to sit there, make his girlfriend pretty and then put her in a glass cabinet, that’s not my style, no matter how rich she is. I am a working person, so I don’t have to wait for someone to support me. I’m sure of that. I love someone not for their money, but for who they are.”

Chi Pu

Chi Pu used to spend his own money as a producer, co-director, scriptwriter and also the main character in a short film. my sunshine. It was Q – a girl who pretended to be a boy to have a chance to get to know a beautiful girl. Despite having a small and cute appearance, the rare son of Chi Pu on screen still receives a lot of praise from the audience thanks to his natural acting, exuding the cute personality of the character.

Huong Giang

After more than 10 years of entertainment activities, Chi Pu is still one of the most successful sexy girls in Vietnam’s entertainment world. At the age of 29, Chi Pu had a small amount of assets. In 2015, after more than a year in the South, Chi Pu bought a car worth almost 2 billion VND and continues to own many luxury cars. In the same year, he proudly showcased his achievements as a luxury apartment in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, at a cost of nearly 4 billion VND.

Huong Giang

Chi Pu also opened his own fashion shop. He is busy with business activities besides working as an advertising model, representing many brands.

In October 2021, Chi Pu received special attention from netizens when she was caught up in the rumor that “went to the US to give birth to a rich boyfriend” when before, many beautiful Vietnamese women also suddenly went to the US and then revealed the story. .secret birth.

Huong Giang

Meanwhile, Chi Pu also officially spoke about the news of the birth in a live broadcast. “Ever since I came to this side I see people gossiping too much, coming here to do this and that. But only. The truth is always simple but people keep complicating it.” Chi Pu mentions “falling from the sky” rumors. He didn’t care about the market and said he was enjoying a good time in the US. However, he did not mention romance.

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