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Illegal entry increases sharply on the river

People Illegal entry was taken to a temporary isolation area at Long Binh border gate, An Phu district, An Giang province by the competent force to carry out procedures for concentrated isolation. Most of these people are working and living in Koh Thum district, Kan Dal province, Cambodia province.

The above Vietnamese citizens all have Vietnamese legal documents but have illegally exited Cambodia to do business, now due to the epidemic, they have tried all ways to illegally enter Vietnam to expect to be quarantined. and get medical treatment if you are unlucky enough to get infected COVID-19.

Illegal entry increased sharply on the river - Photo 1.

Border Guards patrol the border. Illustration – Dan Tri.

Currently, 9 out of 29 Vietnamese people who illegally entered the Long Binh border area were discovered on the evening of May 1, and are undergoing quarantine procedures.

With a province with a border of nearly 100km long, plain terrain, many trails, a system of rivers, canals and canals that are convenient for crossing the two sides of the border, surely in the coming days, the number of people looking for a way Illegal entry will increase and be a great challenge for border control and blocking.

In particular, this time is right at the time of the dry season, so the prevention and control of illegal entry and exit across the border by the functional forces is much more difficult.

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