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Is Anh Thu worthy to be the Mentor of The Face Vietnam 2022?

After hiding for so long, the secret has been revealed! The first older sister in the Mentor ranks Vietnamese Face 2022 has been officially revealed, that is Supermodel – Actor Heroine. Supermodel Anh Thu is one of the famous first long legs of the Vietnamese fashion village under the title “First Vedette”. In addition to certain success in the role of a model, supermodel Anh Thu also “remembered” as an actress through various cult roles such as Long-Legged Girl, Tropical Snow, Ten… and won the 2004 Golden Plum Award in the category of Actress of the Year.

Supermodel Anh Thu is Mentor of The Face Vietnam 2022

After 10 years of hiatus, at the end of 2021, supermodel Anh Thu surprised the Vietnamese fashion village with a spectacular comeback when she took the position of Vedette in designer Minh Chau’s show at Vietnam International Fashion Week 2021. The same charisma and charisma of a legend has made media and audiences alike. noticed the return of Dai Anh Thu.


The first older sister in The Face Vietnam 2022 Mentors lineup has appeared.

This female supermodel also constantly releases fashion photos with attractive charisma, showing off her toned and sexy body. Especially when taking the hot seat of The Face Vietnam 2022, supermodel Anh Thu is looking forward to meeting potential young faces in Casting sessions and leading them well with her vast experience.

Prior to the news that Vedette Anh Thu was The Face’s first Mentor, several netizens wholeheartedly supported her. They appreciated the training skills Anh Thu had shown in previous programs and Leading Media suited him perfectly. It wasn’t that Anh Thu who quit his job could be looked down upon. Some netizens even loudly called him the Bee Nam Thip of Vietnam. On the other hand, there are some who praise Anh Thu’s timeless appearance, but think that a younger face should be given to Mentors to create affinity with Z’s younger generation.


Some sections of netizens wholeheartedly support it.


Some netizens call him Bee Nam Thip from Vietnam.


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