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Love each other for 7 years, the best gift is a teddy bear

Photo of a model entering a rich family’s house to become an entrepreneur, her husband wants to have 5 children

Vong Phoi (born 1994, Dong Nai) is a beautiful and charming bride in a bridal procession in a supercar worth more than 50 billion 2 years ago. The wedding not only caused a fever because of the terrible fleet of cars to pick up the bride, but also made people flutter because right at the wedding, the groom had to pay his wife a luxury car worth 10 billion.

Along with that, the beauty of the sexy bride quickly attracted special attention. Previously, she was known to many as a professional photo model and yoga instructor.

2 years after the wedding, the “billionaire bride” is now a mother who takes good care of her children, a good wife and a good daughter-in-law. She also accepts to give up her previous favorite job to get used to the business and have time to take care of her children and family.

However, she built her own career with 2 fashion brands and a hair care shampoo.

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Beauty Dong Nai is happy with her businessman husband.

Sharing about his current job, Phoi Phoi said: “When I have a family, I want to do a job where I can spend more time with my husband and children, because I miss being away from my children for a while. My current business can be managed remotely. My husband likes having lots of kids and wants to have 5 kids, so his previous job definitely wasn’t a good fit.”.

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It wasn’t hard to see, after the wedding, her beauty became more and more attractive even as a mother.

Talking more about life as a wealthy bride, she excitedly revealed: “My mother-in-law was against me for 7 years until I agreed to get married. When I lived in the same house as my mother, I chose to be honest with who I was, from then on, my family was happier and more emotional. , so gradually. I always love you.

Right now, at my husband’s house, I don’t feel like a bride, like I’m at home. Every day, the sisters gather to make snacks, bake cakes, cook milk tea, and go to their rooms to watch movies in the evening. The family atmosphere is always comfortable and happy.”

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Phoi and her sister-in-law are often seen as sisters.

Before the wedding, the “billionaire bride” also immediately got the love of her sister-in-law and her two sisters-in-law.

Since falling in love with my husband, I often take my two in-laws out on dates. Many people think that my brother-in-law and I are twins because they are very similar and often go out, hang out, and take pictures together.

My sister-in-law is also the one who often shares and gives me advice. After I gave birth to the baby, my sister-in-law told her husband to look after the extra child so that her sister-in-law wouldn’t be too tired“, Coordination is happy to show off.

“He’s not dashing, don’t be fooled”

Talking more about a love story with a businessman husband, the “billionaire bride” keeps talking about a time 10 years ago when the two knew each other. Back then, Phoi was the “owner” of the restaurant and her husband was a regular customer.

She says: “Then me and the “vip” guests played together in groups and used to go drinking together almost every day and ended up falling in love with each other. When we first fell in love, the international student had just returned to her homeland, she was not a manly person, so she rarely spoke to me sweetly. I remember the first and biggest gift he gave me was a big teddy bear.

I am an independent and strong person, so I will buy whatever I want, but never ask for anything from him. As someone who likes to take care of others, I care a lot about my girlfriend’s clothes, so I often buy her clothes and shoes.”.

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Phoi Pho and her husband are in love.

When she returned to the same house, Phoi said she felt her husband’s affection more clearly. Even though he is a dry person, he cares deeply about his family and always gives love to his wife and children through his actions. She is also the bridge that helps the relationship between Phoi Phoi and her mother-in-law to get better over the years.

Photo: NVCC

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