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Man’s body found hanging in the forest in Dak Lak

On March 14, a source from the police of Ea Sup district, Dak Lak said that the unit had just issued a notice to track down the whereabouts and relatives of the man who died in a hanging position in the locality. part of Cu M’lan commune.

Before that, about 8 o’clock on March 12, people discovered that the man was dead in a hanging position, in the forested hilly area, in the sub-zone area 281, Cu M’lan commune, Ea Sup district, so they report to authorities.

An examination of the scene of the investigating agency showed that this person’s body was heavily decomposing and died about 5 days earlier.

This person is 1.56m tall, about 20-30 years old, wearing a blue T-shirt with a short-sleeve collar, and the sleeves have the words “DISTRI BUJION” written on them; black canvas pants, with two side pockets, two back pockets; inside wear black shorts, no sandals; short, curly hairstyle.

The corpse was hanged by a blue parachute belt, a white metal buckle embossed with a star, and both knees knelt close to the ground.

Discovering the above incident, the investigating agency is searching and identifying the victim’s whereabouts.

Ea Sup district police informed, anyone who knows any information about the victim or the victim’s death, please provide it to the police station of this district, phone 02623.688136.

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