Ministry of Health corrects information “F0 out of isolation”

On March 14, the Ministry of Health issued Decree No. 604 concerning Guidelines for House Management for Covid-19 Patients. As per these latest guidelines, F0 is instructed to restrict exit from isolation. When you have to leave the isolation area, you must wear a mask and keep your distance from other people.

To be clear about F0 isolation At home after public opinion differed in interpretation, on the night of March 14, the Editorial Team of the Minister of Health adjusted a number of points in Decision 604/QD-BYT to clarify, so that there would be no misunderstanding. .

The Ministry of Health corrected the information on the release of F0 from the isolation location - Photo 1.

Distributing medicine to F0 at home in Ho Chi Minh City- Photo: HCDC

In particular, Article 5.4 states: “People with Covid-19 must limit leaving the place of isolation. When leaving the isolation area, they must wear a mask, keep a distance from other people” will be more clearly stated, specifically: “People with Covid-19 need to minimize going out of the isolation room, but not leaving the house. When leaving the isolation room, you must wear a mask, keep your distance from other people in the house.”

Regarding the rules for handling F0 at home issued by the Ministry of Health on the afternoon of March 14, several experts said that many F0 people do not know whether they have Covid-19 because they do not show symptoms, so they continue to seek treatment at the hospital. .work, go out to eat, shop as usual. There were even cases of positive rapid tests but without a medical certificate, they still voluntarily left the house.

Associate Professor-Dr Nguyen Huy Nga, former Director of the Department of Preventive Medicine (Kemenkes), said it was impossible to be subjective with Covid-19. Due to the current reality, there are still thousands of people with Covid-19 who have severe symptoms, need to be hospitalized, and are on ventilators. Every day, around 100 people die from Covid-19. “When we are in the adaptation phase towards normalization, we need to strengthen propaganda so that people understand and have high awareness to firmly implement 5K measures to protect themselves and society” – Assoc. .

According to several experts, currently Covid-19 is still a respiratory disease with a form of droplet transmission, a high risk of close contact, a closed environment, and crowds. There is no specific treatment for Covid-19. Therefore, 5K personal backups are still very effective. Therefore, it is impossible to “relax” with Covid-19 and regard it as a common illness like the flu.

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