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The clip only takes about 1 minute to record the bad behavior of a young man at a gas station in Bac Ninh. At this time, the male driver of the motorcycle without a helmet turned into a tree, opened the trunk, and called the gas station attendant.

Upon request, a female staff member comes out holding a fuel hose for a customer. After doing this, the woman slowly took the hose and reattached it to the post. When he came back to get the money, the young man drove the car and the female employee chased him but couldn’t catch him.

The young man refueled and ran away, the female employee just dazedly chased after him

Security cameras recorded the incident. After posting, the young man’s act of stealing money made people very angry. Especially when the price of gasoline is going up, it’s even more worrying. Many netizens left comments, criticism and anger to find out the identity of this young man.

When gas prices go up these things are evil, gross calculation too! People work hard, but dad keeps stealing money.”

“The waves are blue and pink, stop paying people. I can’t get rid of 1 person, but I can’t escape the online community. It’s so famous!”.

“The other brother has to pay for it. Whoever finds it funny, but I feel miserable. The gas seller has to pay for it. Follow the license plate to find this young man.”

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