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News 24h: Rescued watermelons being sold on the sidewalk, super cheap but few people buy

Starting at 15.00 on March 11, the price of A95 gasoline is adjusted to increase by 2,990 VND/liter, to 29,824 VND/liter; Gasoline E5 increased by 2,985 VND/liter, retail price to 28,985 VND/liter. Oil commodities also rose sharply.

This is the price the gasoline and oil business has been forecasting. Therefore, before the price adjustment day, people use fuel to refuel, besides that in some shops there is a phenomenon of hanging out petrol signs.

After gasoline prices rose, at noon on March 12, according to a survey conducted by Ho Chi Minh City Law reporter in the districts of Tan Phu, Tan Binh, Binh Thanh, and Go Vap, there were a number of gas stations in Tan Binh district hanging signs. sign of running out of gas. , the end of the oil.

24h News: Watermelon amp;#34;rescueamp;#34;  selling on the side of the road, super cheap price but few buyers - 13

Gasoline shops in Tan Binh district announced that they had run out of gas and oil. PHOTO: TU UYEN

It should be noted that the gas station on Phan Van Tri street, Go Vap district on the afternoon of March 10 posted a notice board that ran out of fuel and there was still oil. As of March 12, this store is still seeing this notice.

According to a gasoline and oil trading company, gasoline prices are rising, but businesses are still suffering losses because the discount from the focal point is lower than the cost of running the business.

For example, in the adjustment period on March 11, the discount rate was only 200-300 VND/liter. Therefore, for large companies that spend a lot of money, they will lose 300-400 VND / liter, small companies will lose 200-300 VND / liter. This situation has taken place and will continue due to rising world prices.

“Right now, there is still a situation where shops announce that they are running out of gas, because they are running out of oil, so they are importing less. Partly because of the Russo-Ukrainian war, supplies were reduced and circulation was more difficult. In addition, due to the increasing demand for travel after the epidemic and in some places, people are afraid that prices will continue to rise, so they buy to save, causing output to increase while inputs do not increase,” this person shared.

Previously, the Ministry of Industry and Trade sent official messages to provincial and municipal People’s Committees asking agencies, units and companies to strengthen the inspection and supervision of oil business activities.

In particular, recently there have been many fluctuations in the world and domestic oil markets, which affect the supply and price of gasoline in the domestic market.

In order to maintain supply and stabilize the domestic petroleum product market, the Ministry proposed the provincial and municipal People’s Committees to direct the state management bodies and oil and oil trading companies in the regions to take the initiative. supply of petroleum for the domestic market.

Strictly monitor gasoline sales at gasoline and oil retail shops in the area, ensure that gasoline sales and oil businesses are not disrupted…

Especially, in the face of the current difficult supply situation and volatile gasoline prices, if a gasoline retailer or oil and oil business shows signs of stopping or restricting sales without any reason, for legitimate reasons it will be considered for suspension or revoking. eligibility to trade gasoline and oil in accordance with regulations. Deploy and encourage businesses and people to use gasoline economically and effectively.

Source: Kinh-te/vi-sao-gia-tang-len-gan-30000-dong-lit-van-khong-co-xang-ban-104…

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