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No Need to Hunt for Nutritious Bird’s Nests After Covid-19, These Foods Are Equally Nutritious

While the number of cases shows no signs of stopping, today Hanoi continues to lead the country with the number of cases always above 30,000 new cases of Covid-19 per day, causing many people to worry. In particular, before persistent and severe post-Covid-19 warnings, even when F0 symptoms are very mild and transient.

This has made families and communities look for ways to recharge before and after recovering from Covid-19. Wheat is one of the “hot” products in many online marketplaces today.

According to a survey of journalists, due to the high demand of buyers, causing shortages in the market. Many shops when submitting orders are given a promise 2-3 days later to have goods at an average price of 2 million – 2.8 million / 1l (raw swallow’s nest has not been taken feathers); 2.7 – 3 million/1 ounce fresh, canned and frozen bird’s nest; 3.4 million/1 ounce swiftlet nests are picked, cleaned, dried and even advertised at a price of 4.5-6 million/tang for high quality swiftlet nests – dry feathers.

No need to hunt for nutritious swallow nests after Covid-19, this is equally nutritious food - Photo 1.

On average, a person eats regularly every day, each ounce of which will be used for more than 2 months. This expensive food is said by the shops to be effective, should be used in long quantities of at least 1 ounce.

Helen, owner of a large swallow’s nest shop in Hanoi, revealed that many families spend 20 million or even 60 million to buy 1kg of oats for their large family (4-6 people). .

This woman reminded reporters “to eat as if you couldn’t do without wheat”.

“Because swallow’s nest is a valuable food, it will rebalance all the cells in the body for you if you are already infected and prevent it when it is not infected” and don’t forget to advertise “this is my house, the whole family doesn’t spend a lot of money.” the pills, no one’s sick yet.”

So can swallow’s nest really prevent and fight Covid-19 to restore health after contracting Covid-19 like a “panacea”?

Sharing with journalists, Dr. Hoang Manh Ninh (Post Hospital) said that he met many people who hunted bird’s nests as “treasures” at home during the current epidemic season.

However, swallow’s nest is not a cure for Covid nor does it have the effect of “rebalancing all the cells in the body” after contracting Covid-19 as many people mistakenly believe.

“Nowadays, these items are overly advertised and flattered, and therefore their prices are very high. Not to mention everyone is using online shopping, many people have bought counterfeit goods, poor quality goods, causing great harm to the health of users. There are reflections about fake swiftlet nests, made of rubber or powder, or fake cordyceps, dry carcasses no longer valid”, Ths Dr. Hoang Manh Ninh said.

Ninh recommends that people don’t believe that foods like swallow’s nest and cordyceps have the effect of treating Covid-19. When there is no documented literature or published scientific work, it is necessary to be very careful with all rumors. It is basically a health-supporting nutritional item.

Agree with this view, drg. Herbalist Phung Tuan Giang, President of the Vietnam Traditional Medicine Research and Development Institute, said that in traditional medicine, swallow’s nest is used as medicine and is often prescribed in medicine to treat diseases of the spleen, stomach, lung, kidney), tuberculosis, asthma, dry cough, hemoptysis, weakness, voice improvement, shortness of breath, weakness.

Affirming that so far, there has been no specific research on whether swallow’s nest has an anti-Covid-19 effect, however, herbalist Phung Tuan Giang believes that with the good health benefits of swallow’s nest can be used to increase resistance to help prevent pathogens and restore health after being infected with Covid-19.

“Due to its high demand and value, swallow’s nest is a product that is often counterfeited, such as mixing impurities such as fish skin, fungus, algae… to increase weight, or using chemicals to shape, flavor…

Therefore, when buying oats, you should choose a trusted facility, or buy raw oats (the nest has not been cleaned – still hairy) with the following characteristics: Old bird’s nest, clear, clean, clean, low in dirt and feathers in the nest. Be careful with counterfeit products and poor quality products (high heavy metal content)… because they can have a bad impact on health,” said dr. doctor Phung Tuan Giang emphasized.

Considering that humans do not necessarily hunt with swallow’s nests, dr. Herbalist Phung Tuan Giang also emphasized, besides oats, there are many other valuable medicines that have health-promoting and immune-boosting effects that can be used to support such as Ngoc Linh ginseng, ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum … and articles Traditional medicines used to prevent disease, treat disease and tighten the blood and blood of damaged organs after illness…

“It is better to check and consult a doctor to get the right method to help prevent and cure disease comprehensively and effectively,” said dr. Medical doctor Phung Tuan Giang emphasized.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hoang Manh Ninh suggested that people only need to care about 80%, namely ensuring nutrition at a reasonable level: Anything nutritious can be eaten, no abstinence, no fuss to avoid waste that affects health and economy during the epidemic. season.

In addition, Dr BS Ngo Quang Hai, former deputy director of the Acupuncture Center Hospital’s Training and Direction Center, said that F0 is good when sick, when health is weak, evil spirits and evil spirits appear. into the human body and cause disease. At this time, the body needs to get rid of evil spirits and detoxify, so it doesn’t need to be refilled because supplements make bad gases and gases last longer in the body. The patient only needs to provide adequate nutrition to help the body fight off evil spirits.

Therefore, patients should not be fed during Covid-19 treatment, eat normally, can use more herbs such as ginger, lemongrass, garlic, perilla, shallots, etc. mugwort…

If the body is tired, anorexic, F0 must divide the food with sufficient content, choose your favorite dish; Limit fried, oily, high protein foods like red meat, shrimp, crab, offal… to avoid bloating and indigestion.

How to eat oats the right way:

“After recovering from Covid-19, eating swiftlet’s nest or cordyceps will work better, helping the body recover quickly. According to traditional medicine, swallow’s nest has a sweet taste, calculated on average, in the menstrual cycle. waste, taste and kidney, It has yin nourishing effect, apple laxative, qi center tonic, kidney tonic, and blood nourishing.

Children aged 1 to 3 years should only use 1-2 grams of swallow’s nest each time, use 2-3 times a week, should not be used too much, make the child’s digestive system not digested.

Children from 3 to 12 years, can use 3-4 grams of swallow’s nest each time, 3 times a week.

Adults should eat swallow’s nest every day at a dose of 3-4 grams of swiftlet’s nest per day if possible because swallow’s nest is good for skin and recovery after Covid-19,” said Dr BS Ngo Quang Hai.

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