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Sales more than 200 million per day

Tun Pham is a familiar name to young audiences. The man is famous for his Vlogs showing his steadfastness and humor on social networks. Till now, Tun Pham is also a famous TikToker.

Appearing on VyTalk MC Khanh Vy, Tun Pham said that now he is not only a Vlog, a TikToker but also an entrepreneur. Answering a question about the 1-day revenue of the two brands that Tun Pham does business with, he did not hesitate to answer:

“Since the 11th grade, every month Tun has earned around 15 million. After that, this person asked me to do business. The first-day revenue of the restaurant that Tun ran was 16 million, and the glasses weren’t. It has increased tenfold. , about 205 million”.

Tun Pham: Making money from 11th grade, currently earning hundreds of millions per day - Photo 1.

Tun Pham and Khanh Vy in conversation.

While producing clips, doing business and pursuing a career as an MC, Tun Pham says the secret is knowing how to allocate work properly:

“I think a lot of good work, because I will have a flexible source of income. Whenever one job is lost, the remaining work can still help me stay healthy.

If you want to multi-task and be successful in many areas, you have to know how to delegate work, don’t overthink it. But focus on your strength.”

Regarding the uproar on social networks regarding TikTokers earnings, Tun Pham said that this information should only be “listened to” only:

“Showing off income doesn’t judge anything about a person. One day they earn a large amount of money based on their own efforts, they have every right to be proud. Because no one denies belief. Happy winning.

Tun Pham: Making money from grade 11, currently making hundreds of millions per day - Photo 3.

“Let’s work, trying to be equal with others”.

But we have to look at the information on social networks in the direction of “listening to know”. The things that people share and fight for, we shouldn’t be jealous, let’s work and try to be on par with them.

The sexy man TikToker also said that he is always grateful for everything he has. However, Tun Pham insists that what he values ​​most is family and friends, not success:

“Yesterday I said to my assistant: No matter how successful you are in any field where you have a messy personal life, things will turn out badly. Success in any field is worth the expense of family and friends.”

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