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Simple and inexpensive ways to improve health after COVID-19

However, experts point out, there are simple, inexpensive and safe methods that everyone can do. Here are the opinions of experts in the UK to help improve post-COVID-19 symptoms.

According to an expert from the World Health Organization, the three most common post-COVID-19 symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath and cognitive dysfunction that causes brain fog (such as memory impairment, loss of concentration).

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An expert at the University of Exeter, UK, said that to improve the state of brain fog, it is possible to train the brain by performing cognitively stimulating activities, such as playing word puzzles, learning a new language… In addition, need to increase regular social interaction and minimize nervous tension.

To improve symptoms of shortness of breath, the UK National Health Service recommends deep breathing exercises 3-5 times a day, whereby relaxing the chest and shoulders, taking a long, slow and deep breath inward, through nose, then exhale gently.

In addition, people who have been infected with COVID-19 should limit exercise or overwork if they are still tired or experiencing brain fog.

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