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Spin and win gold with VinaPhone

The opportunity to win 10 gold trees per week and thousands of attractive prizes for prepaid subscribers to top up their cards from 20,000 VND, prepaid or postpaid subscribers to register or renew packages from 20,000 VND. The total prize value is over 5.5 billion VND.

Opportunity to win gold for VinaPhone subscribers under the promotion program “Golden fortune – Happy fun” on My VNPT app.

Accordingly, during the program period, all customers who are prepaid subscribers top up cards from 20,000 VND, prepaid or postpaid subscribers register or renew package from 20,000 VND, for every 20,000 VND will receive immediately 01 MDT to participate in the drawing on My VNPT app and have a chance to win.

The prize includes 10 Phat Tai prizes per week worth 01 gold tree/prize. Phat Tai Prize is drawn directly every Sunday on VNPT fanpage – VinaPhone. After determining the list of winners, VinaPhone will contact and award prizes within 45 days from the end of the program.

Spin and win gold with VinaPhone

Besides, the program also has thousands of attractive Day prizes, including 126 first prizes, 420 second prizes, 840 third prizes. The first prize is worth 8,888,000 VND, the second prize is 888,000 VND, and the third prize is 88,000 VND. The prize value of the day is added directly to the main account of the prepaid subscriber or deducted directly from the winning monthly bill of the postpaid subscriber.

With a large number of prizes, of high value, of practical significance, customers have every right to hope that they will become the lucky winners, receive Gold, and phone accounts for a whole new year. luxurious.

Joining the program is also very simple. Customers who are the object of the program, after receiving the prize code, will go to the My VNPT app to conduct the self-drawing. Customers can choose to Spin each code for each bonus code, or Spin all for all bonus codes.

Spin and win gold with VinaPhone

In particular, each bonus code is only valid for 24 hours from the time it is generated. Customers are allowed to spin the prize themselves within this validity period. For customers who have a winning code but do not spin it themselves, VinaPhone’s system will conduct a prize drawing for the customer.

The list of winners is continuously updated on the website https://khuyenmai.vinaphone.com.vn/. Customers access the website, select the item “Winning list”, choose the program name “Golden fortune – Have fun” and then proceed to look up related information.

VinaPhone deploys the promotion program “Golden fortune – Happy bustle” as a wish, a deep gratitude for customers who have always trusted and accompanied the network.

Call 18001091 for more information.

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