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Stable power supply in a series of days of intense cold and prolonged cold

Especially this is the month in which the North experienced a series of days of intense cold, prolonged cold, snow and ice appeared in some mountainous areas, at the same time as the Lunar New Year holiday in 2022, the temperature dropped deeply. People’s demand for heating equipment increases.

To ensure the safe operation of the power grid in extreme weather conditions in the northern mountainous provinces, the Corporation requested units to review and strengthen monitoring of areas at risk of rain. snow, ice and have specific plans to be ready to handle incidents, in order to ensure uninterrupted power supply for customers.

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Nguyen Binh Electricity Branch (Cao Bang PC) inspects Phia Oac electricity.

Commercial electricity of the Corporation in February reached 6,049 billion kWh, up 9.6% over the same period in 2021, of which: Construction industry accounted for 60.77% and increased by 6.47%; consumption management component accounted for 32.89% and increased by 16.38%; the commercial and service sectors accounted for 2.27% and increased by 5.05% compared to February 2021. The rate of power loss in February 2022 was 4.32%, 0.16% lower than the same period in 2021.

All 14 customer service business targets of the Corporation have met the regulations of the Electricity of Vietnam. In February, the whole Corporation received and resolved power supply for 148 medium-voltage customers, the average time to resolve the electricity industry’s procedures was 3.88 days, down 3.12 days compared to the regulations of the electricity industry. EVN, 1.12 days lower than the Corporation’s regulations. The rate of non-cash payment reached 92.83%.

Providing services by electronic method of the whole Corporation reached the rate of 97.91%. Accumulated in the first 2 months of the year, the rate of providing services by electronic means reached 98.34%; level 4 electricity service reached 98.18%, accumulated in 2 months, the rate of level 4 electricity service provision of the whole Corporation reached 98.02%.

In February, the Corporation started 2/2 projects as planned (Thanh Thuy 110kV transmission line and substation and increased capacity of T2 Chiem Hoa; energizing 2 projects of 110kV line improvement from Phu Tho 220kV substation – Bai Bang – Viet Tri), equal to 100% over the same period.

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Thanh Hoa invests in renovating the 110 power grid.

It is expected that in March 2022, member units of the Corporation will strengthen inspection work, take advantage of favorable weather to thoroughly deal with problems on the power grid, speeding up the progress of energizing electricity. operate investment projects, strengthen coordination between 110kV Operation Management Team and Electricity to minimize incidents caused by violations of electricity grid safety corridor.

Power companies will actively work with customers soon to sign an agreement to adjust the load and have a suitable production plan in the condition that the Northern power source may face difficulties during the hot summer months. .

Member units report to local authorities and related departments and branches to strengthen propaganda, in which activities to respond to the Earth Hour 2022 campaign, to mobilize customers to use electricity safely, economical, efficient, willing to cooperate in adjusting the load upon request from the Electricity industry; focus on starting construction of 110kV power grid projects; prepare technical plans for operation, investment and construction to ensure electricity in hot season 2022.

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