Strengthen immunity to protect children’s bodies from the risk of COVID-19 infection

Strengthening immunity to protect children's bodies from the risk of COVID-19 infection - Photo 1.

Maintain and strengthen a healthy immune system to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic. (Photo: Ho Cau/VNA)

According to the Ministry of Health statistics, in recent weeks, the number of cases have COVID-19 New cases are likely to rise rapidly in most provinces and cities, with around 50,000-75,000 cases per day, a day high of more than 145,000 cases.

In particular, the number of cases increased more in the unvaccinated group, especially the under 12 group, 18.4% in January and 24.3% in February.

In the context of the sudden increase in the number of F0 cases outside the community, the increase in the number of children infected with COVID-19 worries many parents.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Department of Preventive Medicine, to protect children’s health during a pandemic, micronutrients such as zinc, iron, vitamin C D, E are important for maintaining and strengthening a healthy immune system to prevent epidemics and limit the increase in symptoms in children with COVID-19.

However, in reality, many studies analyzing the results show that Vietnamese children are severely deficient in zinc and iron. According to the statistical report of National Institute of Nutrition In the 2019-2020 period, the number of children with severe zinc deficiency increased to 60%, with 1 in 3 children experiencing iron deficiency.

Phan Bich Nga – Director of the Center for Nutrition Examination and Counseling (National Institute of Nutrition) added, in urban areas, from 2015-2020, the zinc deficiency rate in children aged 6-59 months remained high at 49.6% and barely improved. Moreover, many children’s daily diet cannot meet the needs of zinc and iron, not to mention that zinc and iron-containing foods are difficult to choose, the absorption rate of zinc and iron from food is low, not to mention the fact that zinc and iron are not readily available. The iron is crushed or lost during processing. Therefore, parents need to provide zinc and iron supplements for their children.

Associate Professor Tran Dinh Toan – Former Director of the Institute of Clinical Nutrition stressed that all countries of the world as well as the nutrition industry recommend people to add products that directly supplement iron and zinc. Oral administration to children is most effective. In addition, the addition of zinc and iron also improves concentration skills, memory, reduces fatigue, and helps children catch up quickly in the form of learning at school after being at home for a long time because of the outbreak.

Recently, the Government Office issued a notification on the conclusion of Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam at a national online meeting on the situation of opening schools in the regions. Therefore, the provincial People’s Committee has firmly and uniformly directed the reopening of schools based on the principle of “safe and effective adaptation” in the context of a protracted epidemic.

At the explanation session on “The application of policies and laws in the recruitment, use and management of PAUD and SMA teachers and the organizational situation and implementation of teaching in the context of COVID-19” organized by the Committee On the afternoon of February 25, Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Kim Son said that current plans are flexible with local situations, but bringing students back to school is a must, determined, consistent.

Therefore, many schools, including kindergartens, have prepared plans to welcome children to schools such as in Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, parents need to pay attention to maintaining their child’s nutrition properly so that they have good endurance or recover quickly when infected with COVID-19, to ensure physical development.

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