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‘Students don’t worry about studying’

Appearing radiantly at “Want to date?” Episode 776, a fourth-year female student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Education majoring in Psychology caused “matchmaker” Quyen Linh and “matchmaker” Ngoc Lan to “controversy” because she was too young to join matchmaking at a young age. . Notably, the way she responded delicately, skillfully and surprisingly gracefully made the MC “turn the car around” all the compliments.

Quyen Linh 'coffee' the girl who participated in the dating show: 'Students don't worry about studying' - 1

MC Quyen Linh and the girl Dieu Thanh

Specifically, MC Quyen Linh and Ngoc Lan “joined” Phan Thi Dieu Thanh (22 years old) with IT guy Truong Tan Khanh (26 years old). Right from the first minutes, the girlfriend made the “matchmaker” constantly compliment her beautiful and gentle appearance, which is the ideal girlfriend for many guys.

Looking at the talented girl’s family, just 22 years old, who came to ask for a matchmaker to find love, MC Quyen Linh couldn’t help but be anxious to “question” right away: “Students without studying, worried about finding a lover. Why are you so impatient?” “Matchmaker” Ngoc Lan quickly defended: “Ignore people. People have to love to have someone to share their spirit with to overcome difficult lessons. Earn until you graduate and fall in love.”

Before the humorous “dating” of the two MCs, Dieu Thanh responded softly, making the groom’s family “heartbroken”. She said: “I feel that youth is not too long for me to wait forever. In the past, my parents always said that I was the eldest sister who had to take care of her career, not having a relationship so that her studies would be neglected. Later on, I found that if I knew how to balance, there was no problem. And love is something very romantic and wonderful.”

Quyen Linh 'coffee' the girl who participated in the dating show: 'Students don't worry about studying' - 2

At this point, Tan Khanh’s boyfriend also saw how mature, thoughtful and thoughtful Dieu Thanh was and fell in love with her “in a single note” even though he had not met her yet. Tan Khanh from an early age also made a good impression on the girl’s family with an honest and frank way of talking. Although he was a bit self-conscious about his appearance at first, he was quickly encouraged by “matchmaker” Ngoc Lan: “It’s too cute to be self-deprecating, boys have to be so thick that girls hug them first.”

According to the share, Tan Khanh is a bit more “thick” in love after experiencing 3 love affairs. Meanwhile, Dieu Thanh just “shouldered” a love affair lasting 3 months, still a “blank page” in love story. As for choosing a future lover, Dieu Thanh is somewhat careful when she wants to find a mature, mature, gentle man who doesn’t like men who smoke, doesn’t mind. Before a series of requests from the bride’s family, Tan Khanh was still very calm and confident that he would meet all of them. Tan Khanh said: “I like a cute little girl like a ‘dwarf mushroom’, energetic, cheerful, I can manage my finances for you, I will give you all my salary.”

With the support of both sides’ families and “matchmakers”, the young couple quickly met officially. Very quickly, Tan Khanh and Dieu Thanh caught up with each other, making the matchmaker almost “outside”.

Tan Khanh was surprisingly proactive, not as shy as the two MCs thought. While Dieu Thanh was still shy and embarrassed, he sincerely expressed: “I hope your graduation ceremony will have me. I don’t promise you anything, I just say and do it. Now, we can give each other the opportunity to learn so that the future can be further advanced. There is an empty seat on my way to the future, I hope you will be that passenger.”

His love was clear, just waiting for her will to be revealed, the moment half of Tan Khanh’s heart lit up, but Dieu Thanh’s side did not have a signal, making the whole audience hold their breath. Fortunately, Tan Khanh’s feelings touched her heart so that she agreed at the last minute. Looking at the sweet young couple holding hands, the “matchmaker” is also satisfied with today’s results.

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