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Sun Property won a double at the international real estate awards

Overcoming many excellent candidates, Sun Property (a member of Sun Group) won two important award categories of the International Real Estate Awards System (IPA) held in London, England, on the 25th. /02.

Accordingly, two projects of Sun Property were respectively named in prestigious categories including: The best commercial project in Asia Pacific – Sun Plaza Grand World (Quang Ninh) and the best tourist real estate project in Vietnam. The best architecture in Asia Pacific – Sun Premier Village Primavera (Phu Quoc).

To achieve the above awards, the 2 projects had to meet the rigorous criteria of design, quality, service, innovation, originality and sustainable commitment of a panel of more than 80 national experts. economic.

Possessing a prime location in the center of Bai Chay, the tourist capital of Quang Ninh, which welcomes millions of tourists to visit the heritage bay, the Sun Plaza Grand World commercial townhouse complex won the “Best Commercial Project in Asia” award. Asia Pacific”. Besides meeting strict location criteria, Sun Plaza Grand World also scores points in architectural style and business potential.

Sun Property won a double at the international real estate awards
Sun Plaza Grand World commercial townhouse complex

Sun Property has cooperated with leading architectural units such as WATG – US, EGO – Italy to bring Ha Long the meeting of the architectural quintessence of 5 continents. Each subdivision (Europe, Australia, Marrocco…) is designed to represent the architecture and culture of a continent, becoming unique and cross-cultural products.

Currently, Sun Plaza Grand World shophouse has become a commercial townhouse product suitable for exploiting tourism services and mini-hotels. With the Sun Group continuously adding new projects and works in the Bai Chay tourism – resort – entertainment ecosystem, such as the real estate and entertainment complex Sun Marina on Yacht Bay, the potential for commercial business in the area. Sun Plaza Grand World promises to constantly increase.

Convering outstanding points in architecture, smart planning, recreating a poetic “Mediterranean town” in Phu Quoc, Sun Premier Village Primavera project was honored “Tourism real estate project with excellent architecture” Asia Pacific”.

Sun Property won a double at the international real estate awards

“Mediterranean Town”Sun Premier Village Primavera

On high-level terrain 35m above sea level, Sun Property creates shophouses along the hillside, facing the ocean, with a million-dollar view. The highlight of the “Mediterranean town” lies in the unique antique imitation theming technique. Each time-tinted wall at Sun Premier Village Primavera is covered with up to 9 elaborate layers of paint. With the wall array that needs to be highlighted, the artists must meticulously hand-draw each stroke on the wall, ensuring aesthetics and art. The time to complete this job is ten times higher than usual.

In addition, Sun Property is creating unique architectural icons in Phu Quoc such as Sun Grand City Hillside Residence, Cau Hon, Sun Signature Show performance stage, Sun Signature Gallery “art museum” , Sun Tropical Village resort urban area and recently the launch of “paradise island” Hon Thom – Hon Thom Paradise Island…

Sun Property won a double at the international real estate awards

At each destination, Sun Property will plan the street, create a “golden coordinate” for commerce, entertainment, shopping, and cuisine.

Not only does Sun Property create symbols and breathe life into each project with 365-day events, but Sun Property also accompanies the owner for a long time through activities to support business exploitation, trade and management. operations management when respectively launching two key areas, creating sustainable added value: the high-class operation management brand Sun Property Management and the commercial business management unit.

With the commercial premises of Sun Group, Sun Property will plan the industry, deploy; for rent; cooperation in exploiting, trading and transferring trademarks. At each destination, Sun Property will plan civilized and methodical streets, creating “golden coordinates” for commerce, entertainment, shopping, and cuisine.

The promotion of commercial business shows Sun Property’s commitment to accompany real estate owners in the post-sale period, affirming the prestige and position of a high-class real estate developer associated with tourism. , the leading resort in Vietnam.

This area is strongly implemented by specific policies. For example, recently, Sun Property has launched an after-sales package worth up to VND 500 billion to assist owners with the cost of completing shophouse Sun Premier Village Primavera, opening business before November 30, 2022 and maintaining business. 24 months minimum.

In addition, Sun Property is committed to supporting shophouse owners in finding partners and reputable brands in business implementation (no brokerage fees), and at the same time promoting cooperation with Sun Group’s partners. , opened a real estate agent office, ticket office, travel agency, furniture showroom… at Sun Premier Village Primavera, turning this area into the “tourist capital” of Phu Quoc.

Sun Property won a double at the international real estate awards
Sun Property has launched a high-end operation management and commercial business management brand

Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Thuy Linh – General Director of Sun Property shared: “The World Awards for Sun Plaza Grand World and Sun Premier Village Primavera have affirmed the value of real estate products under the Sun Property brand. Consistently pursuing the criteria of quality, class and difference, each project we create is expected to become a timeless landmark, bringing pride to Vietnam’s real estate. In the future, Sun Property will continue to create large-scale and high-class projects in many other potential lands such as Hoa Binh, Van Don (Quang Ninh)…, thereby affirming the prestige of international awards that The group has reaped all the time.”

IPA (International Property Awards) is one of the leading prestigious annual real estate awards with nearly 20 years of operation, is considered as a guarantee of excellent quality in the world real estate industry.

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