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The bride demands nearly 40 million dong in payment for “fixing her mouth”, the aftermath is much more offensive

Recently, a clip filming the wedding scene of a Chinese couple caused fierce controversy in the online community in the country.

The ceremony went quite smoothly, there’s no point in mentioning it if the bride didn’t suddenly show up for a fee to “fix her mouth”. Therefore, at the ceremony of kneeling in front of parents, this girl refused to call out “old man”.

Then, the bride submitted a request that the groom’s family must spend 9,999 yuan (over 36 million dong) before he accepted to change the title from “uncle” to “parent”, otherwise he would not continue the marriage. .

The bride demanded nearly 40 million dong in payment for fixing her mouth, the act became even more offensive - Photo 1.

Too surprised by the new daughter-in-law’s unreasonable request, the groom’s parents were simultaneously dumbfounded. But for the sake of their son’s happiness, the couple had to borrow from a nearby guest and give it to their daughter-in-law.

However, after receiving the “mouth fixing” fee, the bride’s subsequent actions made everyone unacceptable. Holding a pile of money in her hands, the bride casually counted the bills one by one, with a serious look as if she was doing something important. After confirming that the money was sufficient, the bride smiled and opened her mouth to call out “old man”.

The clip, once shared, quickly became the focus of attention of the online community. Most of them voiced their criticism of the ridiculous and overly pragmatic actions of the bride and groom.

Some important comments:

“Marriage to him is nothing more than a transaction”;

“Everyone hates money, but everything should be in moderation. Looking at his demeanor, you can also imagine how marriage will be in the future”;

“Suggest the groom to think again. In the future, he will definitely suffer”;

“The bride’s smile after counting the money is really too fake. It’s better that she doesn’t smile, making the witness uncomfortable.”

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