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The girl immediately “turned the car” when she saw the photo of her boyfriend on the first date

For many people, calendar The first time with someone new is a very challenging experience. Because many people will definitely be worried and depressed when they first meet a stranger, and still wonder and wonder if that person likes me, will I make a good impression on that person… Likewise with the man in the following story.

He was very nervous but also very eager to meet new women on Tinder, but, before he could see her face, he was rebuffed for very sensitive reasons.

The man said that it was the first woman he had met in a long time using Tinder. They spoke quite well with each other and decided to set up an appointment in person.

At the appointment, he quickly got to where they agreed and waited for the woman to show up. While still waiting anxiously, he suddenly received a text message from the woman that he couldn’t come and didn’t want to date her anymore. The reason he gave would really shock all the viewers!

After saying she didn’t want to date this guy anymore, the girl texted him explaining why.

“BILLIONOh I’m leaving now, goodbye and see you later! Um…. I saw you from afar, but sorry, I couldn’t see you.”

Just looking at pictures of the guy she's dating, that girl

Image of the man in the story.

The man received these messages when he expected the woman to appear, but luck did not smile at him. It turned out that he was still going to the meeting place, but when he saw him from afar, he changed his mind and left.

“Sorry I couldn’t see you. I don’t like people who are too fat because they’re not my type. Sorry but I’ll definitely be going home, because it’s better for both of us than I’m trying to be I like you. Good luck with the following girls.” she sent these seemingly sincere but very hurtful words to him.

Well, so he criticized men with oversized bodies who were “not to his taste”. But even with freedom of speech or the freedom to choose who to date, a woman should never say disparaging words about her appearance and offend the dignity of others.

In fact, the man made no secret of his unsightly appearance. On her Tinder profile and Instagram page, she is completely honest about her weight and height measurements.

Just looking at pictures of the guy she's dating, that girl


The photos she posted are also very authentic, why not cover up to fool this lady. So, he frankly replied to her text: “Have you seen my photos? There are even some photos of me naked.”

But he once again received a cold reply from the others: “I thought you weren’t too fat.” It really hurt my self esteem!

If you thought it was over, you are wrong. The woman continued to speak disparaging words about this man’s appearance.

This “You don’t look 22 years old, you look a lot older”; “You look 35 years old, I guess it’s because you still don’t have a boyfriend”; “Remember to take better care of yourself”; “You should think about going to the gym”… These words are so hard to accept for a man who is hopeful for a romantic and memorable date!

Netizens, after reading the man’s part, were furious on his behalf. Most of them cheered him on and cursed the woman’s humiliating words.

Many people also praised the well-mannered and well-mannered man, who remained calm in the face of the unattractive-looking woman. And she must have lost someone as friendly and attractive as her.

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