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The Ministry of Health corrected: There is no way that F0 can leave the house

According to the Ministry of Health, people with Covid-19 when leaving the isolation place must wear a mask and keep a distance. The place of isolation here is the room in the house, which means that F0 cannot leave the house.

On March 14, the Ministry of Health issued guidance on home management for people with Covid-19 including instructions for children and adults. In particular, in Section 5.4, there are regulations on infection control and infection prevention measures that must be taken by people with Covid-19 and their caregivers or housemates.

Accordingly, people with Covid-19 should limit going out of isolation places. When you have to leave the quarantine place, you must wear a mask and keep your distance from others. In the face of many different interpretations by the public, the editorial team has adjusted a number of points in this decision to clarify, to avoid misunderstandings.

Specifically, in section 5.4 stating “People with Covid-19 should limit leaving the isolation place. When leaving the isolation place, they must wear a mask, keep a distance from others” will be more clearly stated, specifically: : “People with Covid-19 should minimize leaving the isolation room, but not leave the house. When leaving the isolation room, they must wear a mask, keep a distance from other people in the house.”

Also in the new guidance, the Ministry of Health recommends that F0 for home treatment need to prepare the necessary items, including: thermometer, personal SpO2 meter (if any), medical masks, means of hand hygiene, Necessary personal items, infectious waste containers with lids. In addition, prepare means of communication: telephone, telephone numbers of medical facilities (medical stations, district health centers, emergency transportation centers, doctors, community consultation groups). , rapid response team, hospital, etc.).

The Ministry of Health allows people to self-identify with Covid-19 by rapid testing, instead of having medical staff do it or remote monitoring, according to new guidelines.

The above content was included by the Ministry of Health in the Guidelines for home management for people with Covid-19, dated March 14. Accordingly, people with Covid-19 are confirmed to have the virus by PCR test or rapid test done by themselves or their caregivers at home or by medical staff or medical facilities. Thus, this regulation has many changes compared to the previous one.

Previously, in December 2021, the Ministry of Health stipulated that antigen rapid tests must be performed by medical staff or by suspected infected persons under the supervision of medical staff by at least one of the online methods. directly or indirectly through remote means.

With this new guideline, people can do a quick self-test or PCR, if positive, they can notify the commune or ward, this test result is recognized by the health facility.

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