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The only “pink ball” that ever caused Donnie Yen’s head to bleed, now what?

Monday, March 14 2022 7:47 PM (GMT+7)

Even though she is 50 years old, the runner-up still makes many people admire her young and beautiful beauty.

Van Van was known to audiences as a cult beauty runner-up for a while, making martial arts superstar Donnie Yen so excited, even leaving his wife and children because of him.

The hot runner-up once caused Chau Tu Dan to be beaten and bleeding

Thanks to her beautiful face, impressive height of 1m70 and natural talent, Van Van was named runner-up in the Miss Asia contest organized by ATV in 1989. This beauty was praised by the press as “The most beautiful legs in Hong Kong”. It is also a stepping stone to help her enter the entertainment industry smoothly and become a television actress.

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Asian runner-up hot beauty of 1989.

After signing with ATV, Van Van was enthusiastically supported, even that year’s Miss Asia did not get as good treatment as she did. Although not well trained in acting, with his beauty and talent, Van Van is considered a name that attracts audiences in dramas.

In addition to his career, Van Van’s love story also attracted public attention. With a beautiful beauty, she is pursued by many people, but only has 2 public relations, the most prominent of which is the relationship with martial arts star Donnie Yen.

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Van Van and Chau Tu Dan co-starred in the film “Tinh martial arts”.

In 1995, Van Van and Donnie Yen played the main roles in the film “Tinh martial arts”. The first time he met a beauty surnamed Van, Donnie Yen was attracted by her beauty. Since then, the two have been hit by a “lightning love”. However, at that time Donnie Yen was already married, even his wife was pregnant with their first child. However, Donnie Yen still defies public opinion to chase the beautiful runner-up.

At the 1995 ATV celebration, Donnie Yen held up a flower and went up to the stage to kneel and propose to Van Van sincerely and affectionately:I will spend the rest of my life loving you.The actor’s actions shocked the entertainment world, and Van Van shed tears: “I will not marry anyone other than Donnie Yen.”

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Chau Tu Dan defies public opinion to pursue a beauty born in 1970.

At the time, Hong Kong media said that Van Van was a “little tamer” which caused Donnie Yen to divorce his wife, Luong Tinh Tu. However, Van Van is still against everything to go to the actor surnamed Chan. Donnie Yen used to fight 8 fierce men alone when they spoke harshly to their lover. As a result, Donnie Yen was beaten until he bled on the head, while the others had to be hospitalized for serious injuries.

It is estimated that, overcoming all public opinion with a romantic proposal, the couple will move towards marriage. However, after 4 years together, the two had to “separate.” The reason for the separation was because Donnie Yen went to the US to develop his career, the two rarely saw each other and had disagreements.

Marriage with scriptwriter after 4 months of dating

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Despite having a beautiful love affair with Donnie Yen, Tran Thap Tam is the “true love” of the queen.

Noisy romance with Donnie Yen makes Van Van feel hopeless. After being single again, the actress was chased by many giants, but she refused. The runner-up doesn’t aspire to marry a “monk” but just wants to find someone who truly loves and respects him.

After that, Van Van got to know the screenwriter Tran Thap Tam after shooting the film “The Cello and Number 38”. At that time, Tran Thap Tam played a mass actor. Back then, he felt unworthy of beauty, so he didn’t dare to express his feelings. However, when he found out that Van Van was also kind to him, he was determined to give chase.

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Van Van’s beauty used to make many people fall in love.

After marriage, Van Van rarely acted in films, but spent a lot of time with her husband. His health was too weak and he had suffered a lot of injuries from filming, so Van Van might have to face death if he wanted to have a baby. Therefore, despite being married for 20 years, she and her husband still have no children. The beautiful runner once shared that: “I’ve had 3 miscarriages, I also advised my husband to find another woman for fear of being a burden to him in his old age, but Thirteen flatly refused.”

Although there are many regrets with married life without sound children, the two have a lot of time together, enjoying a happy life. Instead, the couple adopted an abandoned stray cat, spent more time enjoying life, loved each other more and traveled a lot and dated friends.

Rumors of adultery and going home to open a homestay

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Even though he is U60, Van Van is still confident wearing a bikini.

However, Van Van’s dream marriage suddenly took a turn in 2018. Her beauty was caught by the press with her co-star Ly Tu Tiep. This is not the first time the couple has been rumored to be in a relationship. Since 2014, Hong Kong media have questioned the unusually close relationship between Van and a colleague who is 4 years his junior.

Van Van and Ly Tu Tiep were also seen having dinner together and traveling together like a couple. Some time later, Van Van’s husband came out to defend his wife. Many people thought the beauty of the surname Van and her husband would break up, but the two still did not divorce.

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This beauty born in 1970 returned to her hometown to open a homestay for rent

Since 2019, Van Van left Hong Kong, moved to live in the mountains of Mo Can, Zhejiang province (China). Here, he opened a homestay for rent. Sharing about this decision, the 51-year-old runner-up confessed that he no longer feels fit for a busy life and wants to find peace with his loved ones. According to Van Van, the rural atmosphere of the countryside, close to nature in the mountains of Mac Can is his dream life.

However, in 2021, Van Van returns to the small screen with Au Duong Chan Hoa in the detective film “Exploiting guilt”. The actress surprised fans with her incredible beauty despite being 60 years old.

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