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The “rich kid” class goes to school, the teacher gives each child an iPad, the truth behind every student is “backwards”.

For students who still have to go to school, everyone must be familiar with the scene of shoulder pain with backpacks containing a mountain of books for a school day. From thick textbooks to notebooks, school supplies… everything is like a nightmare for students. So what if going to school without books, just a modern and compact iPad equipped by the school? This is unbelievable but true.

Recently, on the social network Tiktok appeared a video that caused a stir in the online community with pictures in a classroom when students were given iPads by the teacher as a learning tool. Currently, the video has received more than 3.5 million views and more than 300k hearts and 5,000 comments.

Going to school and being given an iPad is real, my friends! (Source: QUAN N)

In the recorded video, the students seem very excited when they each receive an iPad to study for the first time. It is known that most subjects are now converted to multiple-choice form, so it is easy for the school to have such a thoughtful preparation for students to improve the quality of learning and teaching. understand.

The excited faces of students when receiving iPads during class

Contact us, the owner of the video – friend Le Dinh Minh Quan (student of class 12D1, Hai Ba Trung High School, Hue City) said: “This is a video I recorded in my Informatics class, normally my class will study in the practical room, which is the computer room, but that day, the teacher let me go to the theory room to use the iPad, in class, I took out the iPad to give The whole class does the quiz.

My class currently has 42 members and the teacher gives each student one. I see there are quite a few in the closet, so I don’t know how many.”

When asked about facing comments like “School so rich?“good”Doing so is different from creating conditions for students to play more“. Minh Quan confided: “As far as I know this number of iPads, the school will provide students who lack online learning devices. Because TikTok is also a large social network, such negative comments cannot be avoided.

I think iPad is just a tool to help us study more effectively, but playing during class time, I think is not right, a part of students currently have one for themselves. Smartphones, so it’s normal to have extra exposure to iPads.”

In the comments section, many of you also expressed your views:

– My school also has it, but if you use it only once, the device will fail.

– Wow, I’m so happy, it’s good to know when using a tablet in class. My class has a TV that can be used for a few classes a week.

– In our class, my class still has a corset.

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