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The telescope caught the strange laser

According to Space, the strange laser-like structure is a powerful jet stream coming from the Herbig-Haro object, a bright fog-like patch of gas that surrounds the newborn star.

The ESA says the region of the strange laser, called HH34, is about 1,250 light-years from Earth and is located in the famous Orion Nebula, into which Hubble has pointed its lens for decades.

The telescope caught a strange laser - 1

Close-up of a mysterious laser from space. (Image: Hubble/NASA/ESA)

Orion is notable for containing fertile stellar nurseries and also the closest stellar nurseries to Earth.

The strange laser is not a laser in nature, but a powerful stream of energy emitted by a newly born, not yet fully formed star. The energy beam pierces the gas cloud at supersonic speed, heating the gas along the way, creating a bright light. This cosmic laser will be short-lived.

According to Science Alert, researchers from ESA say this is one of the most spectacular phenomena ever observed in the Milky Way (the galaxy containing the Earth). Studying it will provide many interesting details about how a young star goes through its protostar phase, gradually taking shape during a “sparkling” birth.

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