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There’s no way F0 left the house and roamed the streets

In particular:

In section 5.4. stated: “People with Covid-19 need to limit leaving the isolation area. When leaving the isolation area, they should wear a mask and keep their distance from other people.” Many people understand this rule that people with Covid-19 need to minimize leaving the isolation room, but not leaving the house. When leaving the isolation room, you must wear a mask and keep your distance from other people in the house.

“The isolation place here is inside the house, it doesn’t mean that F0 can leave the house, wandering on the street”The Ministry of Health confirmed.

Previously, the Ministry of Health had issued guidelines for managing homes for people with COVID-19, including instructions for children and adults. In particular, there are regulations on infection control and infection prevention measures that must be taken by people with Covid-19 and their caregivers or housemates.

In particular, people with Covid-19 need to limit going out of places of isolation. When you have to leave the quarantine area, you must wear a mask and keep your distance from other people.

Many people believe that this rule means F0 is allowed out of the house.

The Ministry of Health recommended that F0 for home care need to prepare a thermometer, personal SpO2 meter, medical masks, hand hygiene facilities, necessary personal items, infectious waste containers with lids.

Prepare telephone numbers and telephone numbers of medical facilities (medical stations, district health centers, emergency transportation centers, doctors, community advisory groups, rapid response teams, hospitals…).

This guide prescribes infection control and infection prevention measures for F0 and caregivers or housemates with F0.

In particular: Caregivers or family members who live in the same house always wear a mask and keep a distance if they have to come into contact with F0; The isolation area should be well ventilated, limiting the use of items that are difficult to clean (stuffed animals, paper, cardboard, etc.) in this area.

In Article 4.3 concerning matters that must be prepared, it is stated that the place of isolation is “create a separate isolation room, the isolation area must be ventilated, do not use central air conditioning, always open the window”.

This home management guide details the clinical criteria for F0 isolated at home, how to make a medical statement, health care instructions, diet and activity, abnormal signs in children under 5 years, children 5-16 years and people (over 5 years). than 16 years)…

A new feature in this guideline is to enable rapid recognition of test results conducted by the public themselves without the supervision of medical staff by at least one direct or indirect means remotely.

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