Thieves have the ability to open all kinds of locks in seconds in Ho Chi Minh City

On March 13, the Criminal Police Department (PC02), Ho Chi Minh City Police, said that they temporarily detained Ngo Hoang Giang (SN 1968, lives in Dong Nai province, lives in District 6) to investigate acts of “Theft” of property theft.” .

Thieves have the ability to open all kinds of locks in a split second in Ho Chi Minh City - Photo 1.

Ngo Hoang Giang at the police station

Based on the investigation, on the afternoon of March 10, Ms. D.TMH (SN 1982, domiciled in Son La province, residing in the city of Thu Duc) was working when she received a call from a neighboring boarding house at 26th Street, KP.4, Phuoc Long A Ward. , Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City about unlocking. Ms. H. immediately quit his job and ran back to the examination room to find his laptop, cell phone, watch, and perfume bottle missing. Total assets worth tens of millions of dong, so Bu H reported to the police.

Receiving information, the police came to investigate the crime scene and take information with Ms. H. Through taking security cameras, the police determined that at 11.45 am on the same day, a man riding a motorbike entered the apartment block. After that, this person approached to unlock Ms. H and then take the treasure to escape.

Ngo Hoang Giang broke down the door to steal the property of Ms. D.TMH at noon on March 10.

Professionally, the police identified the suspect as Giang, so they had to investigate. On the afternoon of March 13, scouts from Team 3, room PC02 found Giang, so they arrested him and brought him to headquarters. Through his struggle, Giang admitted to having committed the theft above.

Searching the residence, the police confiscated 3 laptops of all kinds and several related pieces of evidence. It is known that Giang has a criminal record for “Property theft” and Giang has the talent to open many types of locks in a very short time. Police suspect Giang caused many other thefts, so they investigated extensively.

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