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Thuy Nga: I can afford to buy a house in the US

Artist Thuy Nga affirmed that she could afford to buy a house in the US, after being invited by the police to leave the house, causing her to be suspicious of circumventing the law to buy a house.

On February 24, some policemen came to the house Thuy Nga asked her to leave the house, and locked the door so that no one could enter. Thuy Nga has to move to another place to live while waiting for the judgment from the court.

The video of the incident was later posted and made a lot of viewers curious about the cause. According to a social network account, Thuy Nga could not meet the requirements of US law to buy a house here, so she asked a friend to name it.

Later, the two had a dispute, causing the authorities to step in.

Before this information, on the afternoon of March 14, Thuy Nga spoke for the first time. “Actually in the US, my income is enough to buy a house. Bank credit scores are also good. I can be on my own without the need for a contract of sale“, she said.

However, the female artist admitted that she was too hasty and gullible, leading to a big mistake. Therefore, she decided to invite the parties to work together clearly, avoiding taking the story too far.

America has clear laws. Everything must have a white paper with black ink, but it is impossible to ask someone else to stand up for you to make incorrect information. I am ready to share my real story so that people can learn from buying a home in the US and not make the same mistake as me.“, She added.

Thuy Nga: I can afford to buy a house in the US-1
Thuy Nga at the house in dispute.

Thuy Nga was born in 1976, from Quang Tri. At the age of 18, she entered the Ho Chi Minh City School of Theater and Cinema. In 2000, she joined the Phu Nhuan theater stage of People’s Artist Hong Van.

In 2003, Thuy Nga and Quoc Thuan established their own comedy group, making skits to participate in the program Laughing Gala. For three years in a row, they won the Favorite Young Comedy Group award.

In 2010, Thuy Nga got married and gave birth to a daughter named Nguyet Cat. In 2015, she announced her divorce.

For the past two years, Thuy Nga has been living in the US with her daughter in a disputed house in the state of California, USA. In addition to acting, she also works as an MC for talk shows and shoots Vlogs.

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