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Two beautiful women slap each other “face down”, comforting 74 year old “Terminator”

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) The slapping contest that takes place in the US is more interesting when there are two famous beauties competing.

Competition video slapping two beautiful Polish women in the US

In Russia, the slap test has become a subject sport Famously, the tournaments here draw huge crowds of spectators, and the game is widely spread on social networks.

Two beautiful women slap each other

Two beautiful Polish women slap each other “face down” at a contest held in the US on March 6

As a social media star, boxer Logan Paul loves this new game. The boxer who held Floyd Mayweather in a competition in June 2021 is passionate about slapping contests, and recently he and fitness legend Arnold Schwarzenegger brought the sport to the US.

Referring to Arnold Schwarzenegger, people think of a legendary athlete, a very good politician and an actor who entered the minds of the audience with his role in the series “Terminator”.

Schwarzenegger is also the founder of the world’s most famous bodybuilding event called the Arnold Sports Festival. At this event called Arnold, there are not only bodybuilding but also various kinds of competitions.

Under the auspices of information from Logan Paul, a boxer with more than 50 million followers on the social network, on March 6, Schwarzenegger and Paul held a slap contest at the 2022 US Arnold Classic Slap Fighting Championships.

Although the show is young, with the influence of two famous characters, plus the uniqueness of the slaps, the tournament attracts large audiences to watch and cheer on the athletes.

5 matches took place, where the audience saw the rivalry between two beautiful women, Adrianna Sledz vs Julia Kruzer. Both Adrianna and Julia are famous Polish reality TV stars.

Two beautiful women slap each other

Schwarzenegger (left) sits in the front row, Logan Paul (right) is the organizer of America’s first slap contest

Adrianna is more than appreciated for attending a number of power-related events, and this is Kruzer’s first time. In the end, Adrianna won by scoring a goal after 3 rounds.

The remaining 4 matches are men’s competitions. There are 2 matches which ended early by knock-out and 2 matches which had to be counted with points to decide win or lose.

In their first collaboration, Logan Paul (26) and fitness legend Schwarzenegger (74) managed to create an interesting event, both optimistic about the future development of the game. .

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