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Vietnamese artists: Hurting children on social networks will affect psychology

Parents who are artists raise their point of view that parents should not put their children’s private stories on social networks, affecting the children’s psychology.

On the evening of March 13, the incident of Hong Nhung – the artist’s wife North Spring – Post an article expressing your feelings when you find out that your child has been invited into online chat groups.

On her personal page, she also said that she had confiscated the phone and warned parents about controlling their children’s use of phones and social networks.

The treatment of artist Xuan Bac’s wife caused controversy from the online community. Many parents believe that Hong Nhung’s actions show her haste in how to educate her children.

Moreover, putting children’s private stories on social networks can affect children’s psychology in the development process. The rest of the comments said that Hong Nhung just wanted to warn parents.

Parents must respect their children’s individual rights

From the US, Thanh Thao said that Jacky – her adopted child – has not been allowed to use a personal phone even though she has turned 11 years old.

Every day, the boy goes to school and adheres to the prescribed time. During the time Jacky had to study online at home because of the epidemic, the school provided him with a personal computer and pre-installed Zoom application to serve learning, interacting with teachers, friends and reading books online every day. 20 minutes before going to bed at night.

On the weekend, Thanh Thao allows Jacky to use the phone to contact and talk to her grandmother via Social Network. In addition, because the boy has fun playing games with friends on the computer, the female singer limits a fixed time for him to play with friends.

Before allowing my child to play games with friends, I myself have to find out what games he plays, how the content is, whether it is appropriate for his age. I also told him in advance about the time allowed to play games, so Jacky took it seriously. Also, I don’t surf websites or browse other content”, she said.

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Thanh Thao encourages her children to exercise outdoors instead of using phones. Photo: NVCC.

Thanh Thao shared that she focuses on teaching her children to develop personal skills, doing outdoor games, taking them to bike, jogging, and doing physical activities in the park instead of using the phone.

In the US, every family is close to parks with children’s games, so in their spare time, parents often take their children to the playground.“, she said.

According to the singer’s observations and research, in the US, each child’s individual rights are respected to the maximum. Parents must have a skillful way of educating and teaching their children. If they scold their children or take drastic measures, the children have the right to report back to the school or call the police.

She cited when the authorities of the state of California – where the family was Thanh Thao living – planning to abolish the requirement to wear masks at primary and secondary public schools, schools will send notices to each family.

Parents must consult with students on whether or not they want to continue wearing masks. If the children do not agree to remove the mask, parents must respect and continue to let their children wear them when they come to class.

In addition, parents are aware of creating appropriate and healthy boundaries between parenting and respecting the privacy of their children. They especially do not share their children’s personal information on social networks to avoid unintended cases such as kidnapping, assault, etc.

Thanh Thao said that when children reach the age of adolescence, parents can allow their children to use phones or social networks. However, they will install filtering modes on the Internet so that children cannot access strange websites, links with sensitive content.

When children are old enough to use phones, parents must also respect their children’s privacy. My opinion is that I will not arbitrarily check my child’s personal phone.

I have to teach my children by thinking, by daily conversation so that they know the limit of information on social networks. Don’t show anger and ban, because the more you ban, the more curious the kids will be“, the female singer expressed.

The most important thing according to Thanh Thao is that parents should accompany their child’s development. Parents should set an example, do not view or access links and websites with objectionable content in front of their children.

They must talk with their children like friends about issues of psycho-physiological development when they start to explore their bodies to avoid the children finding out false information that affects their children.

Anger shows helplessness from parents

With the same opinion, singer and wife Dang Khoi – Thuy Anh revealed that both sons have not used phones. While studying online, Dang Khoi’s wife handed over her personal computer for her children to use.

My personal computer’s operating system is password-protected so my kids can’t access it. Boys only use computers with learning functions. Browsing is limited to a few study-related pages“, Thuy Anh exchanged.

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Dang Khoi and his wife closely follow their children in the process of studying and playing. Photo: NVCC.

When asked about the age of allowing children to use phones, social networks, wives Published recovery Sharing is subject to son’s wishes and suggestions but will last as long, the better.

Currently, Dang Khoi’s two children are still allowed to play games on the computer, their parents are not strictly forbidden. However, the male singer always accompanies and follows closely in choosing and learning types of entertainment for children.

Every adult is a child, but a child was never an adult. Hitting and scolding children does not make them understand the problem and realize their own mistakes (if parents consider it a mistake) but only makes them feel forced and forbidden.

Puberty children always ask the question Why? Why do parents forbid their children? Why do I have to do this and that? If we don’t explain the problem but criticize the child, the resentment will accumulate in the child“, Dang Khoi’s wife said.

According to Thuy Anh, in the case of detecting children accessing or viewing content that is not appropriate for their age, the first thing parents should do is stay calm. Then, parents need to find out more carefully about whether their children are forced to join groups that share adult pictures.

The most important thing, according to Dang Khoi’s wife, is that parents absolutely do not bring their children’s stories to shame on social networks, which will affect the children’s psychology.

I always think that even with children, parents should not make decisions in a hurry. We have to ask, whose fault is it? For you or for us?

Covid-19 has made children’s time online more, parents only give tools to their children but do not guide or instruct. Parents are also guilty of not giving their children orientation on safe Internet use and should not avoid sex lessons.“, Dang Khoi’s wife said.

She said that parents taking away their phones when they find out that their children are watching adult content is a punishment that shows the parents’ incompetence.

Thuy Anh expressed that in modern society, phones and social networks are tools for children to communicate, explore and learn. Instead of banning, parents should manage their children’s phone time, learn applications, and manage the information sources that children access.

Above all, parents should consider it an opportunity to talk to their children and teach them more about gender issues.

Children watching adult movies is not something parents can easily accept but understand it is a normal thing that many children will go through. Don’t let such a problem make your child become more negative and distant from parents“, she stated.

Musician Nguyen Minh Cuong evaluates that most Vietnamese parents, instead of taking the time to explain to their children why they make mistakes and how to handle them to avoid violations or correct mistakes, they choose the shortest option to teach them. Education is scolding, spanking to force children to admit they are wrong.

One thing I always believe is that children will unconsciously imitate what their parents did in front of them, because parents are their first teachers.

I get angry and beat their toys, later they will smash other people’s toys, even the bowl of rice that I’m eating. Teaching children is a responsibility, but teaching them properly is a problem“, he shared.

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