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Who is Minh Hang’s husband?

On the morning of March 14, the news that Ngo Thanh Van and Huy Tran were engaged had not died down, on the evening of the same day, Minh Hang suddenly took social networks by storm with a photo of his girlfriend’s lips locking, along with the phrase “Yes” to the marriage proposal. Suddenly, the above information shocked friends and audience. In addition, many are also curious about the identity of the new successful applicant, Minh Hang.

Therefore, Minh Hang’s girlfriend has a mature and mature appearance. In an interview, the actress once revealed that her boyfriend is not a rich man but a businessman, 10 years her senior. In terms of personality, the actress shared that her boyfriend is very deep and funny, and spoils her a lot. Regularly accompanies and advises on all his projects. So showbiz is about to throw another super grand wedding.

Who is the boyfriend of 10 years who just proposed to Minh Hang?  - Photo 2.

Minh Hang is happy to announce that he has accepted the proposal of his girlfriend who is over 10 years old

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The previous hint of the two

Who is the boyfriend of 10 years who just proposed to Minh Hang?  - Photo 4.

Portrait of boyfriend proposing to Minh Hang

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