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‘Why is the time after divorce so difficult’

Musician Nguyen Van Chung is known as a famous musician with many hit hits such as: “Mother’s Diary”, “Warm Wind Scarf”, “Purple Crystal”, etc. break in music products. His compositions are attracted by the sweetness, lightness and depth with a very personal mark. The male singer entered the record book when he became the “Young musician composing the most children’s songs in Vietnam” – with about 300 songs.

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Great success on the career path, but the marriage of musician Nguyen Van Chung was not complete. In August 2020, he divorced his wife after 8 years of marriage, causing many viewers to care and regret. At the show “Knock on the door” episode 103, the rare male musician shared his difficult situation during the divorce period, revealing the attitude of his biological mother that made MC Quoc Thuan and Ngoc Lan ponder.

During the long translation period, Nguyen Van Chung did not release many music products, but composed anti-epidemic songs such as “Bright tomorrow”, “Song of the quarantine zone”, “I hope the epidemic will end”. To pay tribute to the frontline staff, there is also an orchestral music album to treat the souls of those who are suffering from depression or loneliness during the epidemic. 2022 promises to be a memorable year for the male musician when marking the 20-year milestone of composing and he is cherishing a concert that will be held within the year.

Nguyen Van Chung is currently living alone in a high-class apartment building to focus on composing and focusing on his career. After the divorce, he lived with Pu (child of Nguyen Van Chung and his ex-wife) and his adopted daughter, but during the epidemic, the children went to their mother’s house to stay until the weekend to reunite with their father and grandparents.

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Composer Nguyen Van Chung

As a musician, Nguyen Van Chung has great sentimentality. According to his mother’s share with MC Quoc Thuan, he often keeps his sorrows, grit his teeth and endure until there are positive results or new stories to share with his parents, even in the marriage breakup. core.

Sitting with MC Ngoc Lan, musician Nguyen Van Chung mused: “After the divorce, everyone is sad and hurt. Me, my ex-wife and my kids too. I think a lot, get depressed, worry a lot. It was truly the first time in my life. At first I felt why it was such a difficult time, I couldn’t sleep and kept thinking in a jumbled mess.

I went to my mother’s house, stayed in my room and started to organize everything, create new habits. At that time, my parents didn’t know much, my mother blamed me for not knowing how to keep a family. About 2-3 months later, I found a solution and then I shared it all with my mother. At that time, my mother was sad, my mother was so sad that she had to be hospitalized. During that one month, I went to the hospital with my mother every night, sharing with her the thoughts that I had to endure during the past time and I accepted that. Since then, the mother and daughter have understood each other better, and I have more motivation to improve my life.”

Referring to the son’s marriage, Nguyen Van Chung’s parents are somewhat regretful. His mother said: “Joining a divorce is also considered to be the end of the predestined relationship. If Chung had told me in advance, there would have been a better direction. That’s okay, now it’s all about Pu (seeing Nguyen Van Chung’s son)”. The musician’s father shared: “After that incident, Chung has grown up, more mature and I feel those things very clearly. Whether Chung intends to get married or not is up to me“. Before the opinion of Nguyen Van Chung’s father, his mother was very frank and wanted to wait for the male singer’s son to be over 18 years old before hoping that he would take another step.

During the gathering, Nguyen Van Chung expressed that he still feels lucky and grateful for the silent support of his parents, which is the biggest support for him to focus on his career. After a difficult time to stabilize his spirit and work, musician Nguyen Van Chung shared: “Now I’m very self-reliant, proactive, comfortable in my career, mentally and everything.” MC Ngoc Lan is quite psychologically able to see that he is not ready for a future love story.

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