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10 recipes that you won’t expect to be so luxurious

Blazer This is the most appropriate shirt right now to wear from the office to walking around to enjoy the super nice weather like today. The shirt that every office lady owns, there are always many elegant recipes for her style.

But unfortunately, people are still a bit shy about the basic black blazer design because they think this shirt style will make themselves too old and serious. But first, you should not underestimate this type of jacket because they help your outfit look stylish up a few steps, enhancing your elegance in a few parts, not less. And you’ll see that the black blazer turns out to be just as good, not quite as serious as previously thought.

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The most familiar pair is the black blazer + straight leg jeans / skinny, the outfit is enough to respect the slim legs for office girls. Add a pretty little silk scarf if you want to make your outfit more trendy and sharper when you come to work!

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Because the black blazer always feels serious and old, it will need some highlight accessories to add character to the set. And when wearing a blazer with a t-shirt, don’t be afraid to invest in a personalized necklace to elevate your basic set.

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It is impossible not to mention the blazer + wide-leg pants formula for everyday office wear. Because the formula is slightly less height, it will be more perfect if you choose a pair of pointed toe heels to complete your outfit.

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Simple, neat and equally fashionable, a blazer mixed with fabric pants with gentle pastel colors will soften the seriousness of the black blazer you are wearing.

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Elegant and feminine girls can’t ignore the blazer + skirt combo, but with the blazer, the most luxurious is when wearing the same light and thin chiffon skirt design.

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An absolute elegant formula for the office lady: Black blazer + straight skirt, but instead of choosing a dark color like the above formula, a light design with a straight shape will be much more youthful and sophisticated.

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A luxurious Korean-style formula that you can absolutely wear to work every day. The formula impresses with the combination of knee-length shorts and blazer that is both modern and personal, adding a pair of trendy high boots, wherever you go, the focus is there.

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Still the same blazer formula with sundresses, but this combination is suitable for office ladies aged 30+.

Black Blazer - Photo 9.

If you’re looking for an absolute chic formula, then a blazer and pop-up tweed skirt are the best choices right now. Just cleverly hack height, hack long legs and still be able to look good at the office.

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Even this “super cake” chiffon skirt has a great day thanks to the highlight of the basic black blazer. Two styles from the radio lady to the new personality for you with only very small changes.

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