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3-year-old son accidentally shot and killed his mother, his father was caught in the law

The tragedy happened at about 8:30 p.m. on March 12 (local time). At that time, the whole family of 3 including husband Romell Watson (23 years old), wife Daejah Bennett (22 years old) and 3-year-old son were in their car outside Food 4 Less supermarket in suburban Chicago.

ABC News Đài According to police investigation results, when the tragedy happened, the father was in the driver’s seat, the mother was in the passenger seat and the son was in the back seat.

“Somehow the boy got his hands on the gun and started playing with it happily, before pointing the gun and shooting at the mother,” said Dolton Sheriff Robert Collins Jr. in the neck of Daejah Bennett. The victim was immediately taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center but did not survive.”

Police then questioned the child and the boy replied that he shot the gun himself. “Our experimental results also confirm that it was the boy who accidentally shot his mother,” said Sheriff Collins, emphasizing “this is just a tragedy.”

Although the action was unintentional and caused by the child, the father, Romell Watson, was responsible and is currently in custody. “In the immediate future, this person is charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm,” said Sheriff Collins.

3-year-old son accidentally shoots his mother and kills his father - Photo 1.

Police blockade the scene of the 3-year-old son accidentally shot and killed his mother in Chicago (USA) on March 12. Photo: CNN.

The tragedy is the latest example of an all-too-familiar story in the US – children playing with adults’ guns and accidentally pulling the trigger, causing painful consequences.

According to a gun control advocacy group in the US, in 2020 across the country there have been many unintentional shootings by children under the age of 18. As a result, 142 people died and 242 others were injured.

In 2021, the death toll rises to 154 and the number of injuries slightly increases to 244. Up to this point in 2022 there have been 16 deaths and 29 injuries for the same reason – children playing with guns accidentally shot and killed people in the US.

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