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52 candidates qualified as professor, associate professor of Medicine

Thus, in 2021, there are 7 candidates qualified for the professorship in Medicine; 45 candidates qualified as associate professor.

52 candidates qualified as professor, associate professor of Medicine - 1

According to Prof. Dang Van Phuoc, this year, the candidates for professors and associate professors in the Department of Medicine are not criticized for publishing scientific articles in predatory journals and unorthodox journals because from the outset, the Association The co-Professor of Medicine has a department that carefully considers this issue. During the review process, if any candidate has published in these journals, they will be rejected.

However, this year’s problem is that during the professor’s review process, the associate professor has quite a few candidates who have published international papers in the last years. The Council of Medical Professors asked these candidates to explain, then the Medical Professors Council considered and found that it was “acceptable”, even the state Council of Professors’ review did not matter. .

Assessing the evaluation of professors and associate professors this year, Prof. Dang Van Phuoc said that from preparation to approval, everything was done carefully. The coordination between the State Council of Professors and the Council of Interdisciplinary/Interdisciplinary Professors is quite good. Therefore, the communication and problems are directed and done very well.

Professor Dang Van Phuoc also informed that to prepare for the 2022 professor and associate professor review, the medical profession will make new proposals. Because of factors such as inclusion, internationalization, quality of articles, strict with fraud, the councils will tighten to get into orbit. Candidates who intend to publish also consciously see this issue.

However, according to Prof. Phuoc, one problem is that it is impossible to be consistent between this industry and another and even in the medical profession. Therefore, finding “harmonious” issues for 28 different professional councils is not easy. It is not possible to require the medical profession as well as the transportation industry, and even in the medical industry, there are relatively favorable international publications such as public health, but there are very difficult international publication specialties such as Psychiatry, Tuberculosis, etc. Or candidates in the medical profession working in hospitals, research institutes, provincial hospitals, and grassroots levels, the burden of publication is also different. Therefore, difficult majors will gradually have no candidates, leading to the fact that without associate professors and professors, there can be no next class.

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