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6 Vietnamese films to look forward to to be released in the first half of 2022

After the cinema system in major cities reopened, promising works of Vietnamese cinema also began to move on to the big screen. From thrillers to action and romance, the multi-genre Vietnamese series is a necessary addition to the audience’s list of must-see titles in the first half of this year.

“Listener: Whisper”

The first Vietnamese film to be released in March is called “The Listener: The Whisper”, the first horror film by young director Khoa Nguyen.

The film revolves around the story of An Nhien (Oanh Kieu), a young female writer suffering from an anxiety disorder. She believes she is haunted by the main character in her debut novel, The Whisper. As a psychiatrist, Tuong Minh (Quang Su) tries to help An Nhien escape from mental torture, while at the same time uncovering the mysteries of her obsession. “Listener: The Whisperer” has received positive feedback and continuously won awards when participating in international film festivals.

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Director Khoa Nguyen said: “Introducing “Listener” to international film festivals was soon in the plan of me and the producer. The film has a theme related to human psychological health. This is a universal topic. Everyone, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion… can face problems related to mental health. Therefore, I have faith that the film will receive the sympathy of viewers on a global scale, not just limited to the country. Bringing “Listeners” to international film festivals is not a chance, but a plan that has been prepared long ago.

The movie will be released on 4/3.


The Vietnamese film season will return in mid-March with “Bad Shadow”, the work that marks the return of director Le Van Kiet – who created the hit “Hai Phuong” in 2019. The film is a return to The horror genre of Le Van Kiet after “House in the alley” achieved considerable success in 2012. This is also the first time the phenomenon of sleep paralysis has been exploited in a Vietnamese horror work. Director Le Van Kiet shared that he got the inspiration to make the film from his own experiences with sleep paralysis as a child.

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“Sleeping Shadows” revolves around the story of father and son, Thanh (Quang Tuan), Linh (Lam Thanh My) and Yen (Mai Cat Vi) who move back to live in an old house in the countryside after a big event. Thinking they could start a new peaceful life, they constantly encountered strange phenomena in the house. In particular, the youngest daughter Yen often suffers from sleep paralysis. The nightmare has just begun.

The film opens in theaters on March 18.

“578: Madman’s Shot”

Besides horror movies, audiences who love action movies with bloody melee scenes will hardly ignore “578: Shot of a madman”, the work that attracts attention when gathering a famous crew. , including script consultant Mike Newell – known for directing “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, martial arts director Oh Se Young of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” or the new Netflix series “All” of Us Are Dead”. This is also the first time that Hau H’Hen Niê appears as an actress.

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The film is slated to hit theaters on March 25.

“Wolf Bar”

After the success of “Hai Phuong”, Ngo Thanh Van gradually won the hearts of fans with the action movie genre. Realizing the popularity of the series and the characters in the previous work, “beating women” decided to produce more prequel project “Thanh Wolf”. The film brings together a young and very popular cast such as Dong Anh Quynh, Song Luan and especially singer Toc Tien.

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As revealed by the producer, Thanh Soi is a story about the famous gangster in Saigon and the hidden corners of the boss. Sharing about the process of making this movie, Ngo Thanh Van confided: “After 2 years of launching Hai Phuong, we focus on production studio products. Thanh So is a role that is enthusiastically supported by fans. This project has taken 2 years of pre-production, 3 years of production. Press the phone next week”.

“Me and Trinh”

As the only Vietnamese romantic film released in the first half of this year, “Em and Trinh” directed by Phan Gia Nhat Linh is a sweet love song, imbued with the life and love of a musician who has become a an important part of Vietnamese music. Young actor Avin Lu will take on the role of musician Trinh Cong Son, while the muse Dao Anh will be played by new face Hoang Ha.

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“Faceless Murder”

Also a work in the horror genre but leaning heavily in the direction of sensationalism, “Faceless Murder” was molded by the new promising director Dinh Cong Hieu. The film has the participation of the big screen actress Phuong Anh Dao as the female lead Phuong Anh, a young and talented doctor. However, she frequently has nightmares about an unknown killer targeting her. The dreams are becoming more and more serious, the villain in the dream is also coming to life.

6 Vietnamese films to look forward to coming out in the first half of 2022 - June 6

Right from the reveal of the first teaser, the film shocked the audience when witnessing Phuong Anh Dao “scratched and scaly skin” with the barbaric killing patches of the murderer.

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