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A person in Hanoi is positive for SARS-CoV-2

A quick report on the investigation results in Hanoi related to the case of a Chinese patient coming to Vinh Phuc shows that:

5 positive cases in Vinh Phuc

According to the report of Vinh Phuc Center for Disease Control, the results of the investigation and tracing of epidemiological milestones related to the Chinese case:

– At VINATOP Company: 25 F1 is currently isolated at Quang Ha General Clinic; 25/25 had negative results.

– At the Karaoke bar at Sunny bar in Dong Son urban area – Phuc Yen:

+ Total number of employees in the bar: 66 cases according to the list of restaurants provided are currently present and isolated in the province 58.

+ Total contact cases:

+ Doubt: 06

+ Round 1: 54 (52 singing shop staff, 02 previously isolated cases related to taxi drivers)

– Total number of isolated cases:

+ Medical isolation: 10 at Tropical hospital Center.

+ Centralized isolation: 48 cases at Phuc Yen Regional General Hospital.

– Testing: Total number of samples for screening test: 60 samples (suspected: 06, negative: 54).

– At Delicious Seafood Restaurant: 02 F1 is currently isolated at Tam Duong Health Center: 01, Vinh Yen City Health Center: 01; 02/02 Negative results

– At Hoa Sen Massage – Lien Bao – Vinh Yen: Total contact cases: 11 have been isolated and sampled; currently waiting for results

As of 10:00 a.m. on May 2, 2021, updates from the Vinh Phuc Center for Disease Control and the Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology have recorded 05 cases with positive results for SARS-CoV-2, of which 01 The case is Sunny bar staff related to Hanoi.

1 positive case in Hanoi

On May 1, 2021, 02 cases of close contact (F1) with the Chinese case were recorded (01 case was a driver carrying a team of experts (address: Me Tri, Nam Tu Liem) and 01 case of BNH is an employee of Sunny bar, Vinh Phuc (residence address: Thinh Liet, Hoang Mai), sampled in Vinh Phuc, currently isolated at the Tropical Hospital at base 2) and recorded. 02 cases related to the Chinese case (01 in Nam Tu Liem is a person who ate in a restaurant with a Chinese patient to have dinner on April 24, 01 at Hoang Mai with a car with a Chinese patient on April 29) .

– Until 10 o’clock on May 2, 2021:

+ Close contact (F1): Sunny bar staff living in Hoang Mai tested positive; 01 case of driving has now been sampled by the Nam Tu Liem Health Center.

+ 02/02 related cases had negative results.

​- Preliminary investigation results of a positive case of Sunny bar staff member staying in Hoang Mai recorded 08 cases of close contact, now isolated (Hanoi: 02; Vinh Phuc: 05; Hoa Binh: 01).

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