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Application of artificial intelligence to support driving behavior

According to statistics, the cause of many traffic accidents can come from subjective problems such as distraction, falling asleep, driving past the prescribed time… Therefore, using an integrated dash cam Artificial intelligence is a solution applied to improve driving safety.

The high-resolution wide-angle dashcam device not only records images and sounds during traffic, but can also recognize and issue warnings when the driver has Abnormal behavior that may cause unsafety while driving. That’s because the dash cam is using technology artificial intelligence (WHO).

Mr. Le Tuan Khoi – Deputy Director of MK Vision Technology Joint Stock Company – said: “We have applied AI technology to be able to analyze the images that we have obtained. The camera is not only a means of recording images, but it can also analyze and make very good judgments. Specifically, the images and driving status of the driver when traveling on the road, thereby promptly giving warnings as well as helping managers promptly handle driving behaviors.”.

The special element of this system is that it can learn, analyze and compare very small signs from the driver such as the frequency of blinking during the driving time, whether the driver’s gestures are abnormal or not. something different. The system will issue an alert if the driver shows signs of distraction such as using a mobile phone, looking in one direction for too long, not wearing a seat belt, or showing signs of inattention such as drunkenness or drowsiness. At the same time, the system also enhances the level of warning when the driver exceeds the allowed limit according to each route.

“The deployment will be done in the form of AI at the edge, meaning that each camera will be fully equipped with a microprocessor like a miniature computer and the image analysis will be processed at the site. each camera. This saves a lot of data on the transmission line,” – Mr. Le Tuan Khoi shared.

The camera is also integrated with GPS and a high-speed network 24/24 to help car owners monitor the entire location, speed, and route of the vehicle. At the same time, all parameters on the vehicle such as: driving beyond the specified time, vehicle speed, driving safety, behavior towards passengers… are recorded and reflected to the monitoring center. , from which the driver’s behavior can be adjusted.

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