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Being “in love” passionately, the girl suddenly showed a strange expression, went to the emergency room to find out more than just a stroke

Cardiac surgeon Tran Chi Danh, from the Cardiology Department of Chang Geng Hospital, Taiwan shared on “The Doctor is Hot” that, recently, he received a 22-year-old female patient. . This girl suddenly bent her mouth and eyes while having sex with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend panicked and took her to the hospital.

After an examination, doctors diagnosed the girl with a stroke. Fortunately, he was brought to the emergency room around the clock (about 3 hours from the onset of symptoms to hospital admission) so that thrombolytics could be used to dissolve the clot. The girl was later out of harm’s way and taken to the intensive care unit to monitor her recovery.


The girl was monitored for health after being out of danger. Illustration

However, in the afternoon of the following day, his legs suddenly turned black and lost feeling. Patient is unconscious. Doctor Tran was shocked and sent the girl for a computed tomography scan and found that all the arteries under the abdomen were blocked.

Doctor Tran Chi Danh thought it was unusual for a 22-year-old girl to have a stroke the night before, but the next day to have a blood vessel blockage in her leg. In her experience, the girl must have had a heart problem. “The heart is beating, if there is a blood clot it will spread throughout the body, to the head causing a stroke, to the legs causing blockage of blood vessels in the legs, to the intestines causing intestinal blockages,” said dr.

After ultrasound, doctors found a “myxoma” (atrial mucin) about 6.7 cm in the left atrium – this is a benign tumor of the heart. When the heart beats, the tumor will sway. Therefore, the doctor Tran Chi Danh said that the girl was very happy when sex caused the initially stable tumor to vibrate violently, causing severe pain.


Because myxomas are so dangerous that they can block blood vessels throughout the body, doctors immediately perform surgery to remove the tumor in the heart, then open the veins in the legs to remove the blood clot. Currently, the 22-year-old girl’s life is safe.

After further examination, the doctor found out that the girl often felt tightness in the chest while exercising, he thought she was young, so he didn’t care and didn’t know that her heart had a tumor. Doctors also warn people with heart disease that sex is very dangerous.

Some information about atrial fibrillation

Atrial myxoma is a benign tumor located in the left atrium or in the right atrium of the heart. Usually the tumor develops from the dividing of the right atrial septum and the left atrium. Symptoms of atrial myxoma that often appear when changing positions include: difficulty breathing when lying down, chest pain, tightness in the chest, dizziness, palpitations, sometimes fainting.

Causes and risk factors: Atrial myxoma is a primary tumor originating from the heart, unlike other tumors that often originate elsewhere, metastasize to the heart via hematogenous or invade the heart from nearby areas. .

Primary cardiac tumors are rare and mucinous tumors are the most common. Most atrial myxomas are found in the left atrium, usually with a peduncle arising from the atrial septum, rarely in the right atrium.

Atrial fibrillation is more common in women. About 10% of atrial myxoma are familial; in these individuals, the tumor is more often located in the heart and is symptomatic in younger patients.

4 common causes of stroke when “falling in love”


Taking an aphrodisiac: Aphrodisiacs generally cause a rapid increase in heart rate, especially in people with a history of cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure. An overdose of stimulant drugs also leads to serious consequences such as a broken “weapon”, heart attack, stroke.

After using alcohol, beer: Under the stimulant effect of alcohol plus physical activity can cause blood circulation to increase rapidly, causing cardiovascular disease, severe leading to death. So to protect yourself, gentlemen, it’s best not to drink too much wine and alcohol if you want to have sex.

Cardiovascular disease: People with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and other cardiovascular diseases due to high excitement can cause blood pressure to rise suddenly, the heart is overloaded, making the blood vessels in the brain easy to burst, causing stroke. Dead.

Big age difference: The age difference between husband and wife is too large, the elderly will easily increase the heart rate, thereby making the sympathetic nervous system excited, causing blood pressure to increase, die in “love”.

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