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Do My Truc denies blackmailing Ngo Diep Pham

The young girl said the recordings that are now circulating on social media are fake. Do My Truc announced to sue the subjects with malicious acts aimed at her.

March 14, Sina Reportedly, Do My Truc announced a lawsuit against those who spread false information and committed acts of cyber violence against her recently. My Truc said he has authorized a lawyer to handle the case.

Concerning information intimidation, blackmail and slander Kris Wu, Do My Truc denied. The hot girl asserted that the two recording files with the content she had had no evidence to denounce the voice Like That Rape of many young girls is fake.

Do My Truc said that the case of the male idol singer still has many hidden corners that have not been revealed. “Those who do wrong will have to bear the appropriate consequences. I have no reason to forgive those who hurt me. I will calmly live and cultivate myself to wait for the final result.”My Truc said.

Do My Truc denies blackmailing Ngo Diep Pham-1Do My Truc denies blackmailing Ngo Diep Pham-2
Do My Truc denied that bad rumors about her were spreading on social networks. Photo: Sohu.

According to SinaIn the past few days, Do My Truc became the focus of public opinion after the recording file of the conversation supposedly between her and her friends appeared on social networks. Ly An and Luu My Le – two girls who used to accompany Do My Truc during the time of fighting with Ngo Diep Pham – were the ones who released the recording.

In the video, the 20-year-old hot girl said there was no evidence of Ngo Diep Pham having sex with a minor, but threatened the male artist with $ 1.2 million in exchange for silence.

Do My Truc was born in 2002, is an important witness in Ngo Diep Pham’s sex case. In July 2021, a young girl accused male artists of often choosing female leads to play MVs to approach many young girls and sexually assault them.

Do My Truc said that the victim was raped by Ngo Diep Pham when he was 17 years old. Her accusation caused the singer born in 1990 to be imprisoned for more than 6 months. The investigative agency currently keeps all information related to Ngo Diep Pham’s case confidential.

The scandal with the former EXO member caused Do My Truc’s life to be turned upside down and under a lot of public pressure. She used to suffer from severe depression, had to temporarily stop studying in Beijing and move to live.

QQ said that Do My Truc plans to join the entertainment industry in the future. She is currently studying dance to prepare for the entrance exam to an art school in China.

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