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Eaten raw or cooked is fine

Tomatoes are one of the most popular foods in the world. Tomatoes can be eaten raw, but when cooked, they can also be processed into many delicious dishes.

Nutrients in tomatoes

The water content of tomatoes is about 95%. The remaining 5% is mainly composed of carbohydrates and fiber.

In a normal size tomato (about 100 grams) contains the following nutritional value: Calories: 18; Protein: 0.9g; Carbs: 3.9g; Sugar: 2.6g; Fiber: 1.2g; Fat: 0.2g. In addition, tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, vitamin K1, vitamin B9, potassium… and antioxidants such as lycopene, beta carotene, naringenin, chlorogenic acid, chlorophyll and carotenoids.

5 health benefits of tomatoes

1. Reduce the risk of certain cancers

Lycopene in tomatoes is known to be an antioxidant that has many health benefits. Lycopene not only helps the body eliminate toxins and eliminate them from the body, but also protects cells from damage, prevents the formation and growth of cancer cells.

A Harvard University study found that people who ate tomatoes or tomato products weekly had a 45% lower risk of prostate cancer than those who ate little or no tomatoes. Especially lycopene in tomatoes also helps women reduce the risk of cervical cancer and breast cancer in women.

A large-scale study in Singapore also confirmed that people who eat tomatoes regularly can reduce the risk of liver cancer by 37% compared to those who eat less tomatoes.

Other studies have shown that dietary intake of lycopene can effectively prevent cancers of the gastrointestinal tract such as esophageal cancer, rectal cancer, and stomach cancer.

A fruit rich in antioxidants, extremely good for the heart: Eating raw or cooked is good - Photo 1.

Illustration: Nutrients in tomatoes may help reduce the risk of certain cancers.

2. Cardiovascular protection

Studies have found that eating tomatoes every day helps to eliminate bad cholesterol in the body and clean blood vessels. In addition, antioxidants like lycopene and beta-carotene in tomatoes have also been shown to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and reduce the risk of stroke.

3. Beautify the skin

Lycopene is known as a “natural sunscreen”, which can fight the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays to help protect the skin and reduce skin aging. In addition, the nutrients in tomatoes also have the effect of retaining moisture, whitening the skin, maintaining a smooth and shiny appearance for the skin.

4. Boosts Brain Health

Lycopene may protect nerve cells, improve nerve function, help maintain memory and cognition, and delay the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Eye protection

The vitamin A content and powerful antioxidants like lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthin in tomatoes can protect the eyes from oxidative stress, improve vision, help prevent or delay cataracts, and slow down the progression of cataracts. progression of macular degeneration, thereby helping to make eyes brighter and healthier.

A fruit rich in antioxidants, extremely good for the heart: Eating raw or cooked is good - Photo 2.

Illustration: Eating tomatoes helps to brighten eyes and beautiful skin.

Some notes when eating tomatoes

1. Is it better to eat raw or cooked tomatoes?

Tomatoes, whether eaten raw or cooked, have health benefits, but it is better to eat ripe tomatoes. Because the substances in tomatoes such as vitamin C or antioxidant content are not reduced much when processed. The antioxidant lycopene in tomatoes is insoluble in water, so cooking or grinding tomatoes does not lose those nutrients.

2. Should tomatoes be stored in the refrigerator?

Tomatoes are generally not suitable for refrigeration, after freezing, the quality will decrease, the texture and taste will change. If the refrigerator temperature is too low, the tomato flesh can blister, soften, rot, or become bruised.

Tomatoes should be stored at room temperature (25 degrees Celsius), when storing the stem can be turned down to reduce air penetration and limit water loss.

A fruit rich in antioxidants, extremely good for the heart: Eating raw or cooked is good - Photo 3.

Illustration: Tomatoes should be stored at room temperature.

Who should limit eating tomatoes?

1. People with gastroesophageal reflux disease

Two types of organic acids present in tomatoes, citric acid and malic acid, can aggravate acid reflux disease when eaten regularly or in excess.

2. People with kidney disease

As shared earlier, tomatoes contain solanine, which causes calcium accumulation and is rich in oxalate – a substance that is difficult to metabolize and can easily cause kidney stones.

In addition, tomatoes are also rich in potassium, if eaten in excess, it is easy to reduce kidney function.

3. People who are taking anticoagulants

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin K, which can reduce the effectiveness of anticoagulants and even cause blood clots.

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A fruit rich in antioxidants, extremely good for the heart: Eating raw or cooked is good - Photo 5.

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