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‘Give birth’ alone in the dorm, pregnant mother makes her roommate go crazy

Prenatal care is a very important job because it can reflect the health status of pregnant women and fetuses, from which doctors will have appropriate treatment and timely intervention measures when something goes wrong. . But when pregnant For the first time, many pregnant women, due to their inexperience and subjectivity, do not go to antenatal care regularly, endangering themselves.

Ly is a small-town resident, and her husband moved to the city of Trường Sa (Hunan province, China) to work and live in a company dormitory. After working here for a while, Mrs. Ly is pregnant and this is also the first child of the husband and wife.

Feeling young and healthy, able to eat and sleep, he continued to work as usual. However, please note that Mrs. Ly has never had her pregnancy checked, so she doesn’t know the date of her birth, the condition of the fetus is good or not.

Stomach pain girl asks for leave from work, in the afternoon her roommate is amazed at the sight in bed - 1

Due to her subjectivity, Ms. Ly did not go to the prenatal care during her pregnancy. Illustration

In late February, her husband was sent by the company to work abroad. At approximately 5 a.m. on February 27, Ms. Ly suddenly felt a pain in her stomach and the pain was getting worse. Since this was her first pregnancy, Mrs. Ly was quite confused, not knowing why she had a stomach ache.

However out of shame and fear of disturbing his comrades, he didn’t dare to tell anyone, just lying on the bed to rest, thinking that resting alone was enough. However, what happened next made Ms. Ly is shocked. Around 12 noon, the pregnant woman felt the pain intensify, causing her to sweat profusely. Shortly after, his daughter was born.

Panicked, Mrs. Ly didn’t dare to move, her placenta hadn’t come out yet. He also didn’t dare to hold the umbilical cord and wipe the newborn’s body. He kept seeing the child lying on the bed crying, the sheets were also stained with blood red.

Stomach pain girl asks for work break, in the evening her roommate is surprised to see the view in bed - 2

Ms Ly gave birth right in the hostel, but then she didn’t know how to handle it. Illustration

At 4pm, when coworkers came home from work, they found blood on the floor and a baby with an umbilical cord in the bed. At this time, the placenta has been expelled from the mother’s body, but the baby is not warm, so the skin is pale and pale.

Colleagues immediately called an ambulance for Ms. Ly. After receiving the news, doctors from the emergency and obstetrics unit of Truong Sa No. Hospital. 4 immediately went to the dormitory with the maternity bag.

When they arrived, the doctor saw that the newborn had not been cut, the umbilical cord had not been cut, the clothes were not worn, only a thin blanket while the cold wind from the window blew hard, making the baby’s skin color. .becomes a bluish-purple. After providing first aid, the mother and child were taken to the hospital for examination. The mother was sutured to the perineal tear, vaccinated against tetanus to prevent infection, while the child was transferred to the neonatology department for further treatment.

Doctor Truong Duong, director of the hospital and head of the obstetrics department, said that during his years of practice, he had encountered many such births outside the hospital. In this case, most of the mothers and children fall into very dangerous situations. So how do you avoid giving birth outside the hospital?

Stomach ache girl asks to come home from work, in the evening her roommate is surprised to see the scene in bed - 3

Giving birth outside the hospital carries many dangers for both mother and baby. Illustration

Doctor Truong Duong said that pregnant women should go to prenatal checkups regularly and follow the instructions of the obstetrician. For pregnant women who do not know the due date when calculating the last menstruation, it is better to check in to determine the due date according to the examination data.

In addition, pregnant women try not to go far during the second trimester of pregnancy, stay at home as much as possible, pay attention to signs of pregnancy such as vaginal bleeding, labor pains, etc. to go to the obstetrician on time.

If there are signs of labor and it is too late to get yourself to the hospital, the pregnant woman should call 911. If the baby is not yet born, you can call the doctor for remote delivery while waiting for medical staff to arrive.

If you have finished giving birth, it is necessary to keep the mother and baby warm, pay attention to cleanliness. If the placenta has not been expelled from the mother’s body, do not force it, you can wait for it to come out naturally.

After the medical personnel come, they will help remove the placenta depending on the mother’s health condition. If the placenta has come out by itself, you should not throw it away, because medical personnel need to check whether the placenta is intact to avoid the rest of the placenta in the mother’s womb.

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