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Inspirational tropical kitchen decorating ideas

Interior The tropics bring a summery feel to your home, helping to cheer and inspire you. Even without a tropical home, you can easily create this style in your regular home to enjoy the summer atmosphere. Bringing a tropical color to the kitchen will make it brighter, more interesting and inspiring for better cooking.


What usually comes to your mind when you think of tropical materials? Rattan, bamboo, wicker and some woods, so you should definitely incorporate them kitchen decoration with furniture or decorations. Mahogany and teak are choices in tropical kitchens, helping to set the mood.


Bright tropical kitchen with blue cabinets, a mosaic brick wall.


Bright tropical kitchen with yellow mosaic tiles, blue cabinets, tropical plants.


Luxurious tropical kitchen with dark cabinets, baskets, lampshades, tropical plants and a striped rug.


Cool tropical kitchen with navy island plus white cabinets, rattan chairs and wicker lamps, bright yellow chairs and round table.


Modern tropical kitchen with sleek white cabinets, tropical leaf print kitchen, green pendant lights and wooden chairs.

Tropical palette

You might think that tropical designs are all about bright colors but modern tropical kitchens still use white. You can choose from sleek white, gray or cream cabinets, with wooden or stone countertops and backsplashes.

Another idea is to use dark accent furniture, then simply add highlights like tropical leaf prints – such wallpaper can be used for a wall, ceiling… more One wallpaper idea in tropical kitchens is the flamingo wallpaper, which is very whimsical and fun.


Modern tropical kitchen with white cabinets, marble countertops, lampshades, black chairs and wicker shade.


Simple and lacquered tropical kitchen with plywood cabinets, a tropical leaf, wooden table and upholstered chairs.


The tropical kitchen is small and minimalist with sleek white cabinets, mosaic floors and walls featuring tropical leaves and pendant lights.


Tropical kitchen with gray and white, wicker bulbs, gray cabinets and tropical plants.


Tropical kitchen with sleek white cabinets, lampshades, rattan chairs, tropical plants and pampas grass.

Add a tropical accent

The touches of clouds will give your space a relaxed and truly summer feel. Adding more accents depending on what tropical things you enjoy is also a great idea for your tropical kitchen.


Classic tropical kitchen with ice cream cabinet, wooden table, dark rattan chair and tropical leaf wallpaper.


Vintage inspired tropical kitchen with ice cream cabinets and tropical leaf wallpaper.


White tropical kitchen with marble, glass pendant lights, metal wood stools and a dining space with a wooden table and white rattan chairs.


The white tropical kitchen with a tropical leaf print wall, rattan stools, and a jute rug creates a modern and boho feel.

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