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Maguire joked again with the phase “our troops fight our own” with Ronaldo

Close-up of the funny collision between Maguire and Ronaldo

In the 66th minute of MU’s loss to Atletico in the second leg of the 1/8 Champions League round, the home team was awarded a direct free kick. At that time, in the penalty area of ​​the visitor from Spain, Ronaldo stood right behind Maguire – the midfielder had just come from MU’s home field to join the attack.

When the “Red Devils” captain was looking at Bruno Fernandes – the player who was about to take a free kick, Stefan Savic suddenly used both hands to gently push Maguire’s chest. The body of the 29-year-old midfielder was immediately thrown backwards. Due to the close distance, the back of Maguire’s head hit CR7’s lips with quite strong force.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, Maguire as usual always knows how to create “funny” situations.

Maguire immediately held his head while Ronaldo covered his mouth. Both players grimaced and appeared to be in pain. The striker born in 1985 even knelt down on the field. Seeing the humorous expression of Ronaldo and his teammate wearing the number 5 shirt, every audience had to laugh. After that, the Portuguese superstar also had to use his finger to check if his 2 front teeth in his upper jaw had any problems.

Maguire joked again with our team fighting with Ronaldo - Photo 3.

Right in the previous match (MU 3-2 Tottenham Hotspur, round 29 of the English Premier League), Ronaldo had just “rescued” Maguire. The 37-year-old striker’s superb hat-trick partly obscured the England midfielder’s disastrous own goal.

Thanks to the sublime performance of Ronaldo, Maguire was not criticized by “Red Devils” fans as fiercely as other temple fires. But in the next game, the former Leicester City player hit his head on CR7’s mouth and hurt the man.

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