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Medvedev madly smashed his racquet, Djokovic “sitting idle” took the world No

(Sports news, tennis news) It seems that the Russian tennis player is not used to the position of the world No. 1 player, he is no longer himself when he competes with Gael Monfils in the third round of Indian Wells Masters 2022.


Video summary of the match between Medvedev and Monfils in round 3 Indian Wells 2022

Before Indian Wells 2022 took place, the world No. 1 player Daniil Medvedev faced pressure to defend the world No. 1 position, although the No. 2 player Novak Djokovic cannot attend the Masters tournament taking place in the US from March 10 to 20.

Medvedev madly smashed his racquet, Djokovic "sitting"  1st place in the world - 1

Medvedev was furious when he learned that Djokovic (right) would be number 1 in the world on March 21

Because he was only 150 points better than Nole and had to defend 250 points on March 21, Medvedev wanted to keep the world No. 1 and was forced to win tickets to the quarterfinals of Indian Wells. But what the fans of the Russian tennis player most feared happened, Medvedev lost in the 3rd round to Gael Monfils and will officially lose the world No. 1 position to Djokovic.

In the ATP men’s singles rankings on March 21, Djokovic will recapture the “top” of the rankings and this is the 362th week that the player born in 1987 holds the top spot. In contrast, Medvedev will fall to 2 worlds after 3 weeks taking the place from rival Serbia.

Remember, in 3 weeks of holding the top spot in men’s singles ATP Medvedev has only won 1 match, that is the competition in the second round of Indian Wells, where the 26-year-old tennis player overcame Tomas Machac (Czech Republic) 6-3, 6-2. . But when faced with a tougher opponent, an emotional Gael Monfils in the 3rd round, Medvedev was no longer himself, he suddenly lost 3 sets (6-4, 3-6, 1-6) even won the first set.

Not performing properly, this is also the reason why the Russian tennis player impatiently smashed his racquet after an unsatisfactory serve in the final set. The debris was so much that when standing on Medvedev’s court, French tennis player Monfils had to bend down to pick it up and clean it with a towel to avoid slipping.

Speaking after the game, Medvedev said he was sad but not disappointed: “I know I’ve lost the No. 1 place, but I have the Miami Open to get it back. I feel more comfortable in Miami, and that’s the place to go. I’m aiming for. I think the result will give me more motivation after not being able to play at my best.”

Medvedev completely has reason to be optimistic, because at the upcoming Miami Open Djokovic may continue to be a spectator because he has not been vaccinated, which is an opportunity for the Russian tennis player to regain the top of the rankings.

Beating the No. 1 player, “The Mad Man” Monfils will compete with the young talent, the 19th seed from Spain Carlos Alcaraz in the fourth round of Indian Wells.

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