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Quang Hai goes abroad to play and affects the Vietnamese team

“Of course there must be influence. How could anyone be in a better attacking position than Quang Hai?”Coach Park Hang Seo commented on the news that Quang Hai wants to go abroad to play football.

The Korean leader has repeatedly expressed his support for students seeking challenges in other football backgrounds outside of Vietnam. However, if Quang Hai or any other player goes abroad to play, their contribution to the national team will also be affected.

For example, host clubs are not required to allow Vietnamese players to gather for the national team to participate in tournaments outside of FIFA’s international schedule. On the other hand, if you go abroad without playing regularly, Quang Hai’s feeling of playing football may also be affected.

Coach Park Hang Seo: Quang Hai went abroad to play, affecting the Vietnamese team - 1

Coach Park Hang Seo worries that Quang Hai going abroad to play will affect the Vietnamese team.

“I think the VFF will also have consultations and opinions on Quang Hai’s contract signing. Of course, that’s VFF’s business, not mine.” The head coach of the Vietnamese team added.

After a meeting to discuss the contract extension yesterday, Nguyen Quang Hai and Hanoi FC Still no agreement has been reached. Midfielder born in 1997 refused the treatment that the Capital team offered, even though it was a number that could make him the highest-paid player of Vietnamese football.

Besides, the conditions that Quang Hai proposed were not accepted by Hanoi FC’s leaders. Some sources said that this player wants to look for opportunities at a foreign club when he bids farewell to the Capital team.

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