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She is 1m53 tall and has a variety of ways to wear long skirts to flatter her figure

Instagram account owner @153_hidm attracted more than 14,000 followers thanks to its simple, yet elegant, fashion style.

The most remarkable thing is that this Korean lady is only 1m53 tall. This is an extremely modest number, often considered a disadvantage in well-dressed. However, the owner of the account @153_hidm has proven otherwise. Despite her short stature, she can completely dress well thanks to her skillful mixing skills and respect for her figure. Especially when wearing skirtThis Korean lady always scores points for style, and her figure looks much taller than it actually is. And whether you have a modest height or not, you should still refer to the following series of skirt styles of the owner of Instagram @153_hidm.

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The 1m53-tall Korean lady suggests an office-standard outfit, which is very suitable for spring weather, including a white blouse + beige skirt + black blazer. The split details, the mule shoes are thought to be just small pieces, but they have the effect of creating an airy look, helping to make the figure taller.

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Sister vin is always a very effective way to let her under 1m60 “cheat” in height. The combination of t-shirts and patterned skirts creates a soft and very youthful and trendy outfit.

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Large pleated skirts are the fashion of spring – summer this year. With this item, you don’t need to dress up sophisticatedly, combine it with a simple white blouse, neat shirt, so it’s very beautiful and elegant.

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A blazer is not at all difficult to put on. When combining this item with a silk skirt, the 1m53 tall lady exudes youthfulness, mixed with elegance and femininity. The pointed toe shoes, with beige tones, bring the optimal shape-hacking effect to the wearer.

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You should immediately pin the combo of beige t-shirt + floral skirt and thin strap sandals from now on. This is a liberal, bold summer recipe. Not to mention, the baby flower pattern skirt also helps to make the appearance more youthful but still retains the sophistication and elegance.

p - Picture 6.

The blouse has a black tone that easily makes the wearer look “dumb” if the mix & match is not smart. And the 1m53 tall lady was very “high-handed” when combining this item with a child’s flower skirt to create a youthful and outstanding appearance, but the elegance and elegance are still preserved.

p - Picture 7.

This combo of black sleeveless shirt + pearl silk skirt is luxurious and elegant, extremely suitable for ladies over 30 years old. The pointy toe shoes play a role in enhancing the figure, while completing the elegant look of the outfit.

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Even when wearing an all-black outfit, the appearance of the 1m53 lady is not old and dark. All thanks to the pointed toe shoes, the beige tone helped light up the whole outfit. And yet, the black-toned outfit combo will make the body look thinner, the more women should pay attention.

p - Picture 9.

The combo of beige shirt and black silk skirt brings a different feeling, it is elegant, elegant but still bright and youthful.

p - Picture 10.

If the weather turns cold, you can take advantage of this combo of a sweater + woolen skirt. This is a way to combine clothes that are always appreciated for their sophistication, everyone who wears them is beautiful. Equally important, the matching sweater + skirt combo also creates a seamless feeling, making the figure taller.

p - Photo 11.

This dark green cardigan + white skirt duo is striking and youthful. When choosing a high-waisted skirt, please dress neatly like the 1m53 lady above, your height will be “cheat” at least 5 centimeters.

Photo: Instagram @153_hidm chn

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