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Thanh Hoa organizes semi-boarding for preschool children in the middle of the epidemic season

Dinh Hai, Viet Hoang, Le PhucSaturday, March 12, 2022 14:33 GMT+7

Boarding meals at a kindergarten in Thanh Hoa cityperhaps this is a rare image at this time when COVID-19 epidemic is still happening complicatedly across the country. While many localities are still cautious about sending children back to school, here, kindergartens are ready to open. All work to ensure safety and prevent epidemics for both students and teachers is focused on by schools.

To ensure the safety of children when going to day-boarding, schools have stepped up screening in each classroom. Homeroom teachers work closely with parents in monitoring the health of children from home to school. Each family will conduct a rapid test for their child and notify the school of the results every Monday.

Ms. Le Thi Huong – Principal of Green Bup Sen Kindergarten, Thanh Hoa City, Thanh Hoa province – said: “For children who show signs of cough or fatigue, we have screened them right from the beginning of the school gate. In order to be safe, we pick up children right at the school gate, not drop them off in the classroom.We organize more outdoor activities to reduce contact load but good for activities and transportation. children’s movements”.

Up to this point, most preschools in Thanh Hoa City have organized half-boarding again for students. As for the primary level, the part-boarding work has not been implemented yet because the number of students absent from school due to F0 and F1 is still quite large.

According to Ms. Thieu Thi Duyen – Deputy Head of Education and Training Department of Thanh Hoa City: “Currently, the number of online classes is more than face-to-face learning. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to organize part-boarding for primary schools. Currently, educational institutions in Thanh Hoa city are determined to give priority to direct teaching and welcome children back to day-boarding and boarding schools. Given the epidemic situation, it is certain that day-boarding activities will be resumed by schools.”

After nearly a month of organizing boarding school again, most new schools only serve 40-60% of the students compared to before. The main reason is that the number of preschool students returning to school is still unstable. It is expected that in this March, the number of students returning to school will be more, day-boarding activities will reach about 90-100%.

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