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The final step to conquering cancer

Rehabilitation is an important stage in medical treatment to help patients avoid complications, minimize side effects of treatment and speed up recovery, thereby helping patients return to a healthy lifestyle. normal life faster.

Rehabilitation is inherently a big challenge for the patients themselves, their family members and medical professionals.

In cancer patients, rehabilitation is more urgent than ever. Before, during, and after every chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, cancer patients have to go through certain stages of rehabilitation. Although the integration of rehabilitation into the cancer treatment process is being encouraged by many professional associations, there are still many difficulties due to the lack of specialized human resources, lack of cooperation from patients, caregivers as well as patients. lack of support from health insurance.

In order to share information on common difficulties associated with accessing Rehabilitation before, during and after cancer treatment, Community Medicine Organization and colleagues organize Webinar/Livestream One thousand and one nights Ca (K) times 21 with topics “Cancer and Rehabilitation”.

The show is hosted by TS.BS. Pham Nguyen Quy and share the reality of patients, nurses, and experts in this field.

The program is broadcast from 20h – 21h30, Sunday, March 20, 2022 on fanpage Official ‘s Group “Supporting Cancer Patients”.

The program is jointly implemented by Soha/VCCORP and his network of friends Community Medicine Organization.

We invite you to watch the show!

Livestream One Thousand and One Nights K times 21: The final step to defeat cancer - Photo 1.

THOUSANDS OF ONE NIGHT CA (K) is the program by Community Medicine Organization Initiated and implemented with friends with the desire to create a periodic playground for medical staff, patients – relatives to share knowledge and experiences related to cancer and cancer treatment to have more strength. forward.

Adapted from a fairy tale “One Thousand and One Nights”This monthly event wishes to connect intelligent love in the community with an appointment to meet in the following program so that together with patients and relatives hope for the best results.

The information shared in this webinar is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical examination and treatment with your doctor or healthcare professional. If you have any questions about your health, please talk to your doctor.


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