The most boring thing just released may be Apple’s billion dollar ‘trump card’

iPhone SE is boring. Since it was launched, it has been a different product. In its current form, it’s essentially a 5 year old design with old features. Nothing on the iPhone SE is new or worth waiting for by anyone’s definition.

Still, while there isn’t anything new, it could be Apple’s most important product this year.

Tim Cook repeated this message many times during the product launch keynote and it is certainly not empty talk. The iPhone SE is often the first iPhone for many users. Surely there are people out there looking for a budget-friendly device or people who want to switch from Android. There is, however, a more important set of customers.

Tim Cook also mentioned the first iPhone for young users. For some parents, a $400 iPhone SE for their children is clearly “more pleasant” than spending $800-1,000 on the latest generation iPhone.

That’s exactly what Apple wants – encouraging parents to buy iPhones for their children. In the end, those kids will buy their own smartphone after 5 years or so. Apple really wanted them to buy the iPhone 17 or 17 Pro or whatever else at the time.

Crucially, Apple wants this young group of users to have the same great experience as any other iPhone user. If you buy a 3rd generation iPhone SE, you are using the fastest smartphone on the market. The A15 Bionic processor makes it faster than any Android device – not just a little bit, but a lot faster. It’s also fast and has the same experience as any iPhone 13. Now you can buy a $429 iPhone that performs as well as $800-1,000 iPhones.

In addition, the A15 Bioinic chip also brings two other important benefits. First, the chip helps Apple bring some of its computational photography features to a device that still has a single camera lens. There is no doubt that smartphones are the most important way we interact with and capture the world around us. Being able to take advantage of the iPhone’s excellent photography capabilities in almost any condition makes it even more valuable, especially considering its roughly $400 price tag.

Almost every Android device in that price range is forced to make a real “compromise” in terms of features or materials. In a word, you will get less value than what is available on top mobile models. The iPhone SE makes it easy to choose an alternative iPhone because it has the same processing power as its “seniors”.

Second, the A15 Bioinic chip helps to improve battery life. Compared to previous smartphone processors, it has extremely efficient battery management. That’s what helped Apple put a battery-intensive 5G feature in such a small device.

If you make it easy for your users to make a buying decision, you’re definitely a winner. That’s what Apple is doing with the iPhone SE – making it easy for people to buy an iPhone. Apple knows that when they buy one, their next device will be another iPhone.

Boredom turns out to be a powerful strategy.

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