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The statement “meet is buried”

In the past few days, the incident of Hong Nhung – wife North Spring Publicizing his son’s sensitive personal information on social networks has caused a stir in the public. Trang Tran was one of those who spoke out harshly, disagreeing with the way Xuan Bac’s wife raised children.

In the midst of this incident, the online community was reminded of the longtime “deep enmity” of Trang Tran and his wife Xuan Bac. The “wrong family” couple had no less than 2 wars of words on social networks, even so harsh that they declared that every time they met on the street, they fought directly.

The origin of the “enemy”

The friction between Trang Tran and Hong Nhung stemmed from the incident in 2017. Xuan Bac’s wife once livestream accused a veteran artist, who is also her husband’s close senior, of oppressing her to get her out of the council. Exam marking 2016 – 2017 at Hanoi College of Arts.

Although the male artist has corrected that all is just a misunderstanding, there is no way he presses his colleagues, but the matter is not over yet. Many Vietnamese stars expressed their frustration with Xuan Bac’s wife, especially Trang Tran, and frankly criticized her for being stupid.

The deep enmity of Trang Tran and Xuan Bac's wife: The one who demanded

“My teacher is like a father to me. 14 years as a lecturer at the school and he has never been angry. And the other person used to curse a student like me when I was 20 years old, that woman. said to me: ‘Models can’t do anything?’ At that time, of course, I wouldn’t let someone who had just graduated from college and was just an assistant professor of stage bodybuilding to curse me and this guy. Paint my friend like that.

I still remember her face cursing insulting a freshman like me on a morning, at 9 a.m. physical liberation class. Her face was also shocked to announce that I quit school? The administrators of that day, Mr. Xuan Yen and Ms. Van Anh, were very fair – I didn’t have any reason to expel me? Leave my teacher alone, if I livestream, you’ll be tired!”Trang Tran is angry.

In response, Xuan Bac’s wife affirmed that she had never accepted Trang Tran as her student, “exploiting” more that the former model cursed and beat her teacher.

The deep feud between Trang Tran and Xuan Bac's wife: The one who claims to
The deep enmity of Trang Tran and his wife Xuan Bac: The one who demanded

Since then, the animosity between Trang Tran and Hong Nhung has been pushed to the top, both officially becoming “invincible enemies”.

Declaration of “meeting is burial” of Xuan Bac’s wife

By May 2021, when the charity scandal of the artists shocked public opinion, Trang Tran had a fierce war of words with a giant woman. At this time, Xuan Bac’s wife also suddenly spoke: “If you meet me on the street, I’ll be buried. Lie to me 3 years ago doesn’t count”.

Right after that, Trang Tran also mocked Hong Nhung: “I heard that the comedian’s sister-in-law wants to bury me? Learning to act as an actress is not invited to act, so learn to act in comedy online, sister? Come on up”.

However, the matter quickly subsided and there was no more battle of words.

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Xuan Bac’s wife is controversial about how to raise children, Trang Tran is harshly criticized

The fact that Hong Nhung posted somewhat private and sensitive information about her son on social networks recently became more noisy when Trang Tran spoke up.

The former livestream model frankly criticized: “Many people ask me if I’m happy about this but I don’t. I don’t like her but her baby is not guilty, it’s very cute.

Do not try to pretend that you are a strict, strong, brave mother who knows how to educate her children. Her children are lovely, and her husband is admired by many people.

So please, for this mistake of your child, you and your husband should close the door and tell each other and then teach their children, not spread it all online.

I also bow to my brother. Please smash your wife’s phone or delete her Facebook for me, don’t post anything more. In the middle of the night, I watched the baby cry and choked, so poor.”.

The deep feud between Trang Tran and his wife Xuan Bac: The one who demanded

Currently, Xuan Bac’s wife has not yet responded to Trang Tran’s comments.

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