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The teacher tells the story of a student who fell asleep in the middle of class because he was obsessed with sex scenes

The wife of a popular Vietnamese MC recently caused quite a stir when she shared her son joined an 18+ chat group. Immediately, he posted a message telling the story and with his solution, he destroyed 2 phones.

This incident made many parents surprised by the situation of today’s teenagers who are exposed to technology from an early age, easily importing bad information. However, the parents’ actions sparked strong protests for violating privacy rights and not posting bad news about their children online.

However, the case is not only in families, many teachers say that it is not uncommon for students to watch adult films and talk about sex. It even leaves serious consequences that take a long time to resolve.

Students’ faces turn red thinking about sex

A teacher in Hanoi’s Ba Dinh district said: “This case is not lacking because the mental age is curious to learn while adults talk less, sex education is not good.”

Teacher tells the story of a student who fell asleep in the middle of class because he was obsessed with a sex movie scene - 1

Many teachers say that it is not uncommon for students to watch adult movies and talk about sex. photo: AFP

The teacher recounted that not long ago, while giving a lecture, he saw a 6th grader suddenly blush and put his head on the table. The teacher thought his son had a fever, but after talking for a while, the student confessed that he watched a sex movie last night, so now his mind is only thinking about that scene in the movie. Not only that, in another lesson, this student refuses to sit down and draw the teacher with sensitive parts. While talking to parents, this teacher learned that every night this male student often waits for his parents to go to bed and then sits in front of the computer all night.

“I had to talk to my family and involve my child in extra-curricular activities. However, it took me two years to completely get rid of this sensitive film obsession,” the teacher said.

Or most recently, this teacher is in charge of the 9th grade students. As you focus on preparing for the 10th grade exams, a male student who used to be a good student suddenly becomes more and more… .

“A relative gave him a phone and has since turned it from being the top of his class to being addicted to adult games and movies. He watches so much that he hallucinates. He gets lost in a dark corner or under a table. He even goes up to the 6th floor roof and stands up many times. -times, causing a commotion throughout the school. When the teacher was frantically searching, he said he was searched by the whole school, so he had to hide.

When the Board of Directors and I went to discuss with my family, I was criticized for being a bad teacher, bad school, and would embarrass me and transfer schools to my children. However, after many visits to the house, I found that the family did not care about the child. Mom is busy with food and sports in the evening. Dad often goes out to drink and sing karaoke. Then, thanks to firm action from the school, namely inviting families to sit together and study with their children and teachers, parents confide in their children more. My principal gave this male student the “privilege” that he could call him at any time to establish a close relationship… After a while, he returned to normal life,” said the teacher again.

According to him, this situation is partly because sex education programs in schools do not see the problem directly. Families are busy and don’t spend much time with their children. Therefore, when they find out that their child is watching a sex movie or participating in an 18+ chat group, parents should not be impatient but must be closer, vent, and analyze further. The more you forbid, the more curious your child will and will do about the things that are prohibited.

Don’t act when you’re angry

Ms. Le Hong Ngoc, teacher of Hanoi – Thang Long School, Ha Dong district, Hanoi stated: “Children at puberty are wet, ego is very high, psychology is easily influenced by others. Knowing that As parents, everyone loves and cares for his children and there are parents who would be angry with their children in that case.However, publicizing the information online while family and children are known to make the incident cause this should be resolved within the family.

If parents don’t handle it skillfully, it can hurt children of this age. Parents should be calmer and talk to their children. And if it’s a boy, the mother coordinates with the father because the father of the same sex will find it easier to talk to the child.”

Ngoc said that in the school environment, there are also situations where students “like each other” and like each other. From the teacher’s side, the teacher should pay attention and pay attention to every movement and behavior of students and discuss with parents to agree on the appropriate action. Absolutely not humiliating students in front of a crowd, causing them to get hurt.”

Regarding this, Dr. Vu Thu Huong, former lecturer at the Department of Basic Education, Hanoi National University of Education said: “When you find out that your child is watching “hot” movies… shock – is the word that talks the most. But the truth is, parents are even more surprised. Why? Because children not only find “hot” films but can also invite each other to smoke marijuana, e-cigarettes, smiley balls… .. invite each other to take pictures of themselves, naked and then post it on social networks…locked mode so parents can’t see it, so surprise is something almost every teen parent has to experience, more or less.

Newborn babies will be curious and have a need to learn about sex. Parents who do not pay attention to sex education for their children (illustrating the deer’s running path) will let their children find it themselves (deer running around). At that time, I found a hot clip, which is understandable in modern times. If you haven’t seen it yet, you will be guided by your friends. It’s not a bad group, just kids pointing at each other.

What should parents do? Have a serious discussion with your child about this as an adult. I say my opinion, parents say theirs. You will decide for yourself whether to watch it or not. If parents do not know how to solve and share with their children, they can turn to psychologists for advice and support.

Don’t act in a hurry as your child may act out of control. If we react with thoughtless actions, we will regret it for the rest of our lives.”

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