The truth about the giant white snake appearing in Ninh Binh

A white python has appeared in the Mau temple area in the commune, but the weight is not more than 10 kg.

As Law & Readers reported, on March 12, on a social network sharing a photo Python Giant albino is located in the aisle area of ​​a temple, causing many people to stir.

According to the poster, the image of the albino python was recorded at the Mau temple area (Tien Phuong village, Van Phuong commune, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh).

The incident quickly became the focus of public attention. Many locals have come to admire it because they think this is a strange phenomenon, “white snake” appearing at the local sacred temple.

Giant white snake, all white body appeared in Ninh Binh

It is known that the location of the white snake appearing at the foot of the stairs leading to the temple of Mother Goddess Thuong thousand. Sometimes the python moves and lies in the middle of the way up and down, when it curls up at the bottom of the stairs.

Although many people approached to observe, the python still lay still, not aggressive at attacking people.

Information spread on social networks said that the white snake was very large and about 3 meters long, weighed about 10kg, and was bright white.

However, as noted by Dan Tri, Mr. Nguyen Phu Nam – Chairman of the People’s Committee of Van Phuong Commune confirmed that a white python appeared in the Mau temple area in the commune, but the information about the weight of more than 10 kg was not correct.

The true story of the giant white snake appearing in Ninh Binh-1
White snake is not heavier than 10kg as information on MXH

According to Mr. Nam, the white python weighs just over 4kg, which is a South American python, not a native python.

According to Mr. Nam, the python was found by a human couple Ninh Binh brought to a functional unit with expertise in conservation near the commune to hand over but because the python was exotic, they did not accept it. Perhaps for that reason, this couple released the animal into the wild.

Immediately after receiving information about the “terrible” white snake, the local government sent people down to verify and protect the python.

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